Week 101 – My Last Full Week To Serve Here!


Elder Schaeffer likes to mess with his tatay and lolo


My entire “posterity” was at the Palawan zone conference!

Left to Right: Elder Bernard (2nd son), me, Elder De Castro (2nd grandson), Elder Lumanta (first son), Elder Schaeffer (first grandson), Elder Marquez (first great grandson), Elder Carter (first great-great grandson).  Pretty much a 5 generation picture!


Pinakahuling pagkakataon (Last chance).

We had a great week of zone conference and exchanges on Palawan!
I had a spiritual experience last week that is really related to what President Ostler shared in zone conference about aligning priesthood keys (Keys of the gathering and keys of sealing or temple work). Elder Clark and I were on exchanges last Tuesday after district meeting and we went to a part of our area where we only have a few investigators, but where some member families live. We were just walking towards our next appointment when we stopped to talk to an older man on a bench. He said that we could share with him and tried to get the other people standing around to join in, but they didn’t want to. We asked if we could teach him in his house. He seemed hesitant and said that if we shared our message in his house he would be the only one there since his wife passed away. I testified to him about the plan of salvation and he let us in. As we sat down to teach Brother Joaquin he began to share most of his life story. How his parents had left when he was little, how he was mostly raised by his grandparents, and how he doesn’t feel like he showed them his love and respect for all that they did because he used to be a bad person. After listening for a while we asked if we could start with a song and prayer. It was one of the strangest first lessons I’ve ever taught because, as we shared about the Restoration, Elder Clark and I both felt the Spirit telling us that we should teach about temples and baptisms for the dead. I’ve never really felt that in a first lesson, but we went ahead and taught about the temple. Brother Joaquin was so happy to hear that there is a way to help his grandparents and even his parents. He said that he still sees them often in dreams. He told us that he wants more than anything to repay them. We bore our testimonies of the Restoration and left him with a pamphlet to read. The Spirit was very strong and he told us that he was going to read the whole pamphlet as soon as we left. He accepted a baptismal date for himself and he said the closing prayer. It really strengthened my testimony of what we heard in the video at zone conference: those in the spirit world DO pray for their descendants here on Earth to be able to receive the gospel. I felt that we weren’t only helping him, but also those on the other side of the veil. It was a great feeling.
We got to go on exchanges in Narra last week! I went with Elder Gibson and we had a really great day of work. We were able to find some really great new investigators just by OYMing whenever we could.One man said that he had really been looking for the truth for his family. He’s trying to find out what will be the best for them. It’s a good feeling when you are guided to someone who is looking for you. I was glad that we had a successful day before traveling up to Puerto for zone conference.
Zone Conference on Palawan was a great one. I got to see all of those Elders in my “posterity.” Especially seeing the great missionaries that they have become made me so happy. Elder Lumanta is training again with Elder De Castro. Elder Schaeffer is doing really well up in Roxas; he shared some really great insights at the end of conference. Elder Bernard is still his big loving self looking out for all of the people up there. Elder Marquez and Elder Carter are out in the jungle in Brookes and they even though they are both pretty new, they are doing great! President Ostler mentioned something like this at a previous MLC, that seeing others grow as we grow brings us together and strengthens us even more. Their faith becomes part of our faith. I’m grateful for these amazing experiences and amazing people that Heavenly Father has placed in my path.
This week will be my last full week to serve as a full time missionary and representative of the Lord here in the Philippines. It’s going to be a great one. I’m going to give it all that I have and I won’t stop after that. This work is the Lord’s work no matter where we are. We can all reach out to strengthen others and help them exercise faith in Christ unto repentance. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Not only did he save us from sin and death, but he heals us of our pain, he strengthens us in our weakness. I love seeing His power manifest in the lives of others as they come unto him. I know that it will bring us all joy to “bring many souls unto [him].” I love you all and hope that you feel His love too.
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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