Week 98 – Without Christ We Can’t Be What We Are Meant To Be


Elder Zeyer was a little tired today


Astig yung kapatid ko! (My Sister is awesome!) Hannah, everyone here in the office congratulates you on making the BYU rugby team!  Way to go! I’m super proud! (in a good way, like Elder Utchdorf said) That’s pretty great that they already call you Beags.  Keep up the great work!

One of the miracles this last week was with a recent convert that we visited. Sister Norma was baptized almost a year ago and she had stopped coming to church when I got to the area. We have been visiting her as often as possible, but she is really busy with work and we’ve only been able to teach once every couple of weeks. We’ve been trying since I’ve been here to get the Relief Society Presidency involved since Sister Norma’s concerns with coming to church are mostly social. This last Tuesday we were finally able to get two members of the relief society and one other Brother from the ward to go with us to Sister Norma’s house. We could immediately see a difference. She was excited that we were there, not just stressed and busy like usual. We had planned to share about the Plan of Salvation and how we need to follow the plan in our everyday life if we are to return to live with God. The lesson went great, especially with the testimonies of the Relief Society Sisters that came with us. When we invited her to come back to church on Sunday she said yes, that she would really go to church this time. Every other time, when we didn’t have members with us she would just say, “I’ll try, if I’m not too busy, if it doesn’t rain again, etc…” But this time she said she would show up and she did. It made me realize how much we can help people just by giving up a little bit of our time. For others who aren’t “full time” missionaries it might seem like a big sacrifice because they have so much going on, but it’s really worth it. The relief society sisters were really happy to see Sister Norma at church on Sunday.
MLC was really amazing last Thursday. President Ostler shared some things that I will never forget and some of them have changed my life already. One of the things that he taught us was about how we influence people’s lives. He said that influence does not come from just being in a position of leadership. “Our ability to influence others is directly proportional to our relationship with them. Influence comes by making “deposits” (giving our time, effort, attention).” He talked about how when we show our love and concern for those we serve it’s like adding threads to a rope that eventually becomes unbreakable. It was a great lesson in leadership.
 President also taught us about weaknesses. He shared some very personal experiences that he has had and how those experiences have brought him closer to the Savior. He said, “Our weaknesses are designed to make us humble. The Lord doesn’t take away the weakness and make you strong as soon as you pray for it to be taken away. That’s what Paul wanted when he spoke of his ‘thorn in the flesh.’ but then he learned that ‘the Lord’s strength is made perfect in weakness.'” It was a big eye opener for me and the Spirit really hit me at that moment. We all have weaknesses (physical, emotional, or spiritual) and we might not overcome some of them until after this life, but every weakness is there to remind us that without the Lord we can’t be what we are meant to be.  Some Elders sang “Come thou Fount of Every Blessing.” to end MLC. I love the lyrics and the feeling that that song has. While many of us are “prone to wander,” if we give Him our hearts and do his will he will seal them for his courts above. I know that he can lift us up no matter what trials we might be experiencing. I love you guys and hope that you’ll keep sharing this amazing gospel.
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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