Week 93 – So Many Are Searching For a Better, Happier Life


The Family is Back Together!

Grandson & Great

Aking “apo” at “apo sa tuhod” (my grandson and great grandson)

cup o noodles


Cup O Noodles at the Airport (story in last weeks letter)

Elder Gargia wasn’t as excited about them


Magandang Tanghali! It has been another great, busy week!

The Sisters in Makati talked to a Brother Perez a while ago and he said that he played basketball at the church a long time ago, but had never been taught by the missionaries. We received the referral and after interviews on Tuesday we had a little time to work so we decided to find Brother Perez. We checked on the street where the referral was from, but nobody knew where the address was. We started OYMing and asking if anyone knew Brother Perez and eventually somebody told us that some people with that last name lived in a little side street near there. We ended up finding Brother Perez’s brother who told us where his house was. We followed the directions he gave us but when we got to the place we thought was right nobody knew a Brother Perez. We were beginning to think that we had been led astray, but I had a feeling that we should just wait. Soon a woman came out of the house we were next to and we asked her if she knew Brother Perez. She pointed us to a gate that led into a tiny alleyway and we ended up finding Brother Perez at the end of it. We taught him with his wife and daughter. He is really searching and he could relate to Joseph Smith in that he doesn’t know where the truth is. He was excited when we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read and in his closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending “these two angels” to teach him. I know I’m not an angel but it still sounds nice. I was glad that I listened to the promptings of the Spirit and that we were able to find Brother Perez. He and his family were out of town this weekend, but they want to come to church next week. It really is a blessing to be able to talk to so many people here and an even greater blessing that they let us in to teach them.  I’m grateful for the people that are being prepared by our Heavenly Father. I want to find as many of them as I can.
We had a good lesson with Sister Princess (from the Trinidad Family) this last week. Brother Ladigohon (a member in the ward) came with us and we planned to teach the father, but he was just leaving the house when we got there. We ended up teaching his daughter who seems to be the most interested out of them all. She was pretty quiet at the beginning of the lesson but once we started asking her about what she was thinking about the message and how she felt when she came to church, she really opened up. She told us that missionaries from another faith have been teaching her and inviting her to attend there and that she is really confused about what is true. I was glad that she told us and I felt like all we needed to do was encourage her to pray and ask Heavenly Father what she needs to do. She has started reading in the Book of Mormon and seems to really be searching.
During personal study this past week I was reading in 1st Nephi and I came to the story of Nephi breaking his bow. I have read this so many times, but this time I gained a new insight that I hadn’t thought of before. It is the difference between disappointment and discouragement. Of course Nephi would have been disappointed that they had no food because of his broken bow, but he didn’t react the way that his brothers did by becoming discouraged. He is a great example to us of taking disappointments for what they are and moving forward. We can sit down, complain, and worry about how bad things are, becoming more discouraged all the while, or we can acknowledge the problem and do all that we can to fix it. Nephi made a new bow, prayed, and asked his father where he should go to hunt and he was blessed with food for his family. It wasn’t the initial plan and it took more work that it would have if he hadn’t broken his bow, but because he kept moving forward he made it through. The same goes for all of us. Allowing ourselves to become discouraged will only weaken our faith. No matter what the trial or setback is we just need to come unto the Savior and we will have his help. I have a testimony of that.
That’s all for this week. Keep up the missionary work there!
Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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