Week 91 – The Gospel of Jesus Christ Blesses Our Families

Pasay stake activity

There was a stake activity in Pasay so I got to see the members in Pasay 3rd!

another selfie

Another Selfie


Pagkatapos ng kalokohan, sa Palawan na naman kami. After the craziness, we’re headed to Palawan again!

Transfers went pretty well with no major mix ups. We are still fine-tuning everything, but it went well. I shared a spiritual thought this morning in the office meeting about Matthew 10:38-40. If we seek to “find our lives” or put ourselves first that’s when we’ll lose them, but if we accept those that God has chosen (verse 40) by accepting the callings that they give us, we are accepting him and “losing our lives” in his service and we’ll find it. To me that means finding eternal life for us and those that we serve. After all, The blessings of the temple which lead to eternal life are worth so much and there are many people who have to sacrifice a lot more than us just to go once in their lives!
The going home activities went really well this time. Elder Whittle was part of the going home batch and he gave a great last testimony. Elder Smith shared his experience with teaching Brother Ralph and it was super amazing. It was strange to drop Elder Whittle off at the airport hotel and leave with Elder Garcia, but we are doing okay so far even though we are a little less experienced. One of the coolest parts of the day was not even related to the Going Home Activities. We stopped by the Area Office to pick up passports while the missionaries were in the temple and I got to meet Elder Anderson. He is the one that helped me come back to the Philippines after my surgery. I’m so grateful for what he did and it was nice to be able to thank him in person. He actually used to be a mission president in a different mission here.
The next highlight was transfer day with all of the new missionaries coming in. I got to see Elder Lumanta again because he flew at the same time as all of the missionaries going to Palawan. He’s doing great! He got assigned to Roxas which is north of Puerto (where he was before). I’ll see him again this week for interviews.
We really only got to work on Friday and Saturday this week, but Heavenly Father blessed our efforts. We found a lot of new investigators and some of them seem pretty interested. The greatest blessing that we saw this week was with the Trinidad family. I’m not sure if I mentioned them before, but they are friends of members and we have been teaching the mother and daughter for a few weeks. They have each come to church once, but Sister seemed uncertain as to whether her husband would approve of them going to a different church. We hadn’t been able to teach him because of his work, but he was home this last Friday night and he let us in to share even though he was the only one home. We taught about the blessings of the gospel in families and we could really see the love that he has for his wife and kids. He told us that because their house is so small and he has a lot of little kids he sometimes sets up a folding chair outside the door and sleeps there to give them more room. He really loves them. I promised him that the gospel is what he’s looking for in his life and for his family. Even though he didn’t come to church yet, we are grateful for the progress we have made with him.
The last highlight was the Pasay Stake Missionary Activity yesterday. President Ostler and President Wolcott spoke along with President Tongco (the Pasay Stake President). We can see more and more of the members catching the missionary spirit and we’re excited for what we can accomplish together. One of the best parts was seeing Brother Edgar who I got to baptize. He’s still working with the missionaries often! I’m super happy with the success that the mission is having, especially when I hear from my old areas.
That’s all for this week! I love you guys and hope that you are reading, praying, and serving every day!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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