Week 90 – Through Our Trials We Can Come Closer To Christ

Brother Jonald

Brother Jonald

Elder Whittle

Elder Whittle’s Farewell Family Home Evening.  The Members are Super Great!


Orienting New Arrivals

New Missionaries


Maligayang Bati pala! It has been a great week with MLC and now it’s transfer week! Things are about to get a little crazy.

First off Elder Smith came into the office for his final interview today and his dad and sister surprised him by showing up today instead of tomorrow. It was cool to see them. I also heard from Elder Smith that Sister Jocelyn got baptized this last weekend. Brother Ralph and Sister Len also got married and he got baptized! It was great to hear. It was a great transfer there in Las Piñas and there are a lot of great members there.

It was also fun to hear more about the recent converts from Quezon. Elder Schroeder is going home and he’s here in the office. He’s told me some more stories about the Gerarmans and the Pajes (from last weeks letter).
The next highlight was MLC. It was mainly a follow up on zone conference about working with members and planning more effectively, but we also got to watch some videos from the last mission presidents seminar. They are from the Quorum of the Twelve and the other general authorities. One of my favorites was with Bishop Waddell about teaching repentance. He said that teaching faith in Christ and His Atonement is the foundation for teaching investigators to repent. He had some of the mission presidents and their wives share scriptures that had brought them closer to Christ and helped them understand the Atonement. The one that really struck me was 1 Nephi 19: 9. Christ faced so many trials and so much opposition for all of us, and he suffered it (he allowed it to happen) because he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior. He did all that he did out of love for His Father and for us. He is our perfect example in all things. That’s why this work is the happiest work that anyone can be a part of. Like it says in D+C 15 and 16 the thing of most worth to us as missionaries and disciples of Christ is to declare repentance.
The last highlight for the week was this last Sunday’s sacrament meeting. Sister Cayago, who is relatively new in the ward, gave a talk on overcoming trials. After she and her husband got married in the province he came to Manila to work and she was there by herself for multiple months. She shared about how she had faced many trials during that time and how she had to hold on to her faith and trust in God in order to overcome them. I wrote down one phrase from her talk that really struck me: “Ngayon, nakakaranas kami ng mga paghihirap, pero masarap kasi magkasama kami.” It literally means in English: “Now, we are experiencing afflictions, but it’s delicious because we are together.” She was referring to the fact that her and her husband were now together in their trials and it was bringing them closer together. I have come to realize that the same is true for us and the Lord. If we choose to stand with the Lord and be on his side when the trials come, we will be uplifted and we will make it through. He taught this in Matthew 11:28-30 that if we will take his yoke upon us (to me that means doing things his way) he will give us rest. Just like Sister Cayago said, the trials won’t go away, but we will have peace and we’ll overcome them.
Wish us luck this week with transfers and Elder Whittle coming home!
Have a great week! I love you guys!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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