Week 89 – Unbelievably, Only 3 Fast Sundays to go…

Palawan Hotel.JPG


Hotel on Palawan


Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! (Happy Independence Day)

It has been another great week here especially with the Palawan Zone Conference!

We got everything ready in the office on Monday morning, picked up Sister Turner (the new mission nurse), and headed over to the airport. It’s only about an hour flight to Palawan, but it got delayed so it took all day. We stayed Monday night in that super nice place that I sent you a picture of, Rema Tourist Suites, and got up early on Tuesday to start the zone conference. It was great to see everyone, especially Elder Bernard since he has been assigned in Puerto Princessa Zone. The conference went really great and the missionaries were excited to apply the things that they learned. I also got word about my old area in Quezon. If you remember Sister Eden that got baptized, we were teaching her cousin Rosalie back when I was there. We found out that Sister Rosalie’s brother just got baptized and she is back in contact with the missionaries there! It was great to hear about the success that the branch is having. I also got a letter from Brother Paje saying that they made him the Elders Quorum President and his son Jacob is president of the teachers quorum. It made me really happy to hear from them all.
A lot happened and I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll just focus on the investigators that we have who are progressing right now. We have really been focusing on working with the members and we have had some great referrals who are starting to progress. The first is Sister Emelyn. She was referred by her friend and has come to church 3 times now. She’s reading the Book of Mormon and says that she feels good about being baptized, but isn’t sure what her family is going to say. We’ll keep praying for her. The next referral that we received was a family, the Trinidad Family. So far the Sister Trinidad and one of her daughters have come to church and they both have made a lot of friends there. Sister Trinidad actually asked us to give her son a blessing when he came home from the province because they thought that he might have a problem with his bones in one of his legs. We gave him a blessing and when he went to the doctor they said that it wasn’t as bad as they expected and just gave him some medicine for his muscle pain. Now we are trying to work on getting Brother Trinidad to church as well so that they can have the whole family there. The members have been doing a great job of helping us teach and fellowshipping our investigators. We have seen the blessings of working more closely with them. So keep on praying for those missionary opportunities there and help the missionaries out!
This was my weekly spiritual experience to President Ostler: “We had a great Sacrament Meeting in Pasay 4th ward. We have really been doing our best to work with members and we have had 4 member referrals in the past few weeks that are really beginning to progress. We asked the members who referred those people to bear their testimonies in Fast and Testimony Meeting along with some others that have worked with us. In all there were 5 members who got up and bore their testimonies about missionary work. It was really great to hear their experiences and how referring their friends has brought them so much joy. Our investigators at church were warmly accepted and are making a lot of new friends in the ward. Bishop Garcia even talked with one of the returning members whose non-member live-in has been coming to church. He told us about it in ward council and he is going to keep working with them to get married so that Sister Angelina can be baptized. It wasn’t just one good experience with the members this past week, it was a whole bunch of little things that they are doing to help the work progress and it’s making a big difference. I know that this is just the beginning of what the members can accomplish and I hope that their examples will help others have the faith to share as well.”
I hope that we can all be members like the ones I have met here. They are willing and happy to share what they know to be true.
The last highlight would be this morning when my package was waiting in the office! I also had a pleasant surprise with a package from Sister Veras! I forgot that she said she was going to send some comfy sandals from Hawaii. Thanks so much for everything that you sent, especially the letters and pictures! Have a great time there with the little ones! I love you guys! Have a great week!
Ingat kayo diyan!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
-Elder Beagley

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