Week 86 – Even the “Small” Things Matter


Mission Leadership Conference


El Nido

6-12-2016  First Sacrament Meeting in El Nido!

(On the Island of Palawan)

Elder and Sister Jacobsen and two amazing Elders held the first sacrament meeting in El Nido.  There is a family and some other members who live there, and the missionaries were trying to assess how many members really are there.  This family was so thrilled!


Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat! It has been a great week with MLC and a lot of time to work in our area!  My companions really are great missionaries! I’m now driving every day, which is good so that I can get used to it here. We had 2 exchanges this past week with zone leaders. The first was with my old kabahay from Quezon Palawan, Elder Binhaon. When we went to pick them up on Monday night it started raining really hard and Elder Whittle had no umbrella. We ended up running to the car and he was soaked. Our exchange with Elder Binhaon went really well and we were able to reach our goals for lessons and finding some new investigators for the day. The next day we had exchanges with the Elders from Palawan since they flew into Manila for MLC. One of them is also my old kabahay, Elder McQuarrie. We found 4 more new investigators with his companion Elder Zeyer and then we got everything ready for MLC.


It was my first MLC to actually be teaching instead of being there as a zone leader. We taught about fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. With President Ostler’s permission, we made a video of two of us walking down a busy street in our area and we showed it to the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. We played it through once and asked how they felt about seeing two missionaries walk down a busy street, not talking to anybody. We really encouraged them to always open their mouths and fulfill their purpose every minute of every day. President Ostler taught about the “Why” of our purpose. He shared chapter 16 from 2nd Nephi when Nephi quotes Isaiah. He pointed out something that I had never noticed before. Isaiah initially says “wo is unto me” because he is “a man of unclean lips.” He is not clean and he doesn’t feel worthy to see the Lord. After being cleansed and having his iniquity take away, when the Lord asks, “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah replies, “Here am I send me.” It doesn’t matter what our skills are or how much we know. Those things help, but what really matters is if we are clean and if we are willing. Those are the servants that the Lord wants in his work. It was a great MLC.


The last main highlight was this last Saturday. Brother Jonald passed his interview with Elder Jones (from my batch) and has one more interview with President Wolcott on Wednesday. He should be baptized on June 18th!!!!   On Saturday we also held a ward mission day activity in our ward and we had about 30 members and one investigator in attendance. We started off by showing the “I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go” video about the family doing missionary work. It really invited the spirit and helped the members see what a difference they can make in this work. During the activity we taught about finding, teaching, and fellowshipping from a members standpoint. At the end we went out to work and OYM for 45 minutes and we actually found 4 new investigators with the help of the members. One of the best parts of the activity was seeing the members apply the things that they learned as they fellowshipped our investigator who attended, Brother Jonald. One member named Brother Rafi offered to push Brother Jonald home (since he is in a wheelchair). As they were about to leave, I saw another member, Brother Jimmy, stop them by the door. He handed Brother Jonald an extra plate of food so that he would have something to eat for dinner. It was a small gesture but I could really see that it made a difference. I’m grateful that the members are starting to feel the missionary spirit. I know that the members of the church can make all the difference in the experience that an investigator has while being taught and coming to church. I can testify to what President Hinckley said about the “better way” to do missionary work. Members are key in the work.

That’s all for this week! Keep up the missionary work there as well! I love you all!

Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!

Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley



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