Week 84 – We Are All a Part of This Great Work


This is “Elder” Tueller and his family. Las Pinas was his last area so they came to church here this last Sunday.


I Love These Guys

DSCN1790[1] (2).jpg

We’ve got this cool table and benches in front of the bahay

Magandang Umaga sa inyong lahat! It has been a great week and a crazy day!

Here are the highlights for the week:
We had zone interviews this last Tuesday with President Ostler. It’s always a great day and this one was especially good since it was my first interview with President since I got back. What he shared was personally for me, but there is one part that I think we could all learn from. President told me, “You will do what is important to you.” This is such a true principle. President Ostler shared an experience about when he had vertigo. If he tried to read from a printed page or a screen, he would be sick. He still found a way to read his scriptures by listening to them on tape, because that’s how important it was to him.
The sisters in our ward had 2 baptisms this last Saturday. Brother Freddy, who’s 12 years old, and his older Sister Jordalyn got baptized. I was asked to speak on the duties of the Aaronic priesthood for Brother Freddy. I felt the Spirit as I spoke about how his duties, as described in D+C 20:59, are essentially the same as our purpose as missionaries. Mainly, “to invite others to come unto Christ.” I know that this is true for all of us, priesthood holders or not. We are all a part of this work and we can all be great missionaries if we will do a few simple things every day (Read, Pray, and Serve).
Update on Sister Jocelyn: this is my spiritual experience to President Ostler as well:  During our planning we had really been pondering how we could help Sister Jocelyn because it seems like she is having a hard time really making the decision about whether to be baptized or not. The thought came into my head to read Chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel during my personal study. As I read I came to the section “Invite Members to Help You Teach.” It became clear to me then what we needed to do. I realized that Elder Smith and I cannot fully relate to Sister Jocelyn as we were both born in the church and have never made the big change of searching and being baptized in a different church from the one that we grew up in. I realized that we needed to invite a member who was a convert to help us teach and that that would be a big help to Sister Jocelyn. A certain Sister, named Sister Dumugdog, popped into my mind and I knew that she could help us. We invited her to come to our lesson this last Saturday and she met us at Sister Jocelyn’s house. The lesson was great and Sister Dumugdog shared an amazing testimony about how she sought out and found the truth. The Spirit really confirmed to me that what she said is true and I know that Sister Jocelyn felt it as well. I’m grateful for faithful members like Sister Dumugdog who help to hasten the work of salvation.
I’m out of time and we’re about to start our meeting, but I love you guys, Thanks for the love and support! Have a great week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat! Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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