Week 83 – Commitment To a “Mighty Change of Heart”

DSCN1843[1] (2)

This is Brother Ralph, his soon to be wife Sister Len, and Kreisha (pretty much the cutest little filipino girl I’ve ever seen)
DSCN1845[1] (2)
This is Brother Chito. He wanted us to take a picture so that he could send it to his Sister. He said it would make her happy to see him back at church.
DSCN1848[1] (2)
This is Brother Nephi, our ward mission leader.
DSCN1846[1] (2)
A bunch of members and missionaries in Las Piñas ward
DSCN1839[1] (2)
I made some delicious sinigang this week
DSCN1840[1] (2)
We eat outside sometimes when it’s not too hot
We had a funny experience this last Monday. The Sister missionaries in our ward asked us for permission to visit some members that live in our area. We told them that they couldn’t because we’re only allowed to cross areas to visit the Bishop if he asks us to. We were in a lesson with the Robles family at around 7 PM and what do ya know? The Sisters show up at the door! The look of terror on their faces when they saw us was pretty hilarious. That’s just one reason why it pays to be obedient!
We found a new family this week! A member brought her friend to church last week and we ended up teaching her, her sister, and her mom. They are the Rin Family. The mother said that she has been to a lot of different churches, but they all have things that she doesn’t agree with so she’s still searching. We had two really great lessons with them this past week and they all came to church yesterday! I’m excited to continue teaching them this next week!
We were walking through the market a few weeks ago and a man said “Elders.” We stopped to talk to him and found out that his name is Chito and he’s a member who has been less active for a long time. He was baptized back when the only church in the area was a couple hours away in Makati and was very active before, but hadn’t been to church in Las Piñas for years. We invited Brother Chito to come to church and we got his address so that we could visit him. We tried to visit him a few times after that but he was never home. We thought he might be really busy working and that was probably why he wasn’t coming to church. We’ve run into lots of less active members like that before so we didn’t think much of it. Then, last Sunday during second hour, he walks right into gospel principles class! I wish I had a picture of what my face looked like when I saw him because I was very surprised. We scheduled a return appointment with Brother Chito and were able to teach him twice this past week. He told us that he felt like Heavenly Father put us in the right place that day at the market to bring him back. He also came yesterday and even wanted to take a picture with us so that he could send it to his sister in Japan. He said that it would make her happy to see him back at church. I know that Heavenly Father really did guide us to Brother Chito and I know that he is using us as instruments to help him come back to activity in the Church. I’m grateful for miracles like this one. All Brother Chito needed was someone to be there to invite him. We didn’t really do much, but Heavenly Father made it happen.
I have been learning a lot about what is called in the scriptures, “a mighty change of heart.” It was the main topic of our last MLC and our last zone meeting. I wanted to share with you a thought that I had come into my head during studies. We read in the scriptures stories like Paul’s or Alma’s where they had a big event lead to their “mighty change.” But it’s not always like that, so I was thinking “what is it that has to happen for someone to have this change?” Then I realized that we will always have our free agency. Just because Jesus Christ appeared to Saul doesn’t mean that Saul was forced to change his life. He chose to do it. Just because Alma saw an angel doesn’t mean he instantly became a good person. It’s our choice. We choose to make the change, and once we make the choice we have to labor and work to remain faithful to the Savior. Just like Alma did, (Alma 36:24) we must “labor without ceasing.” I hope that we can all choose, today, to follow the Savior and live to be true to that commitment.
That’s all our time for this week. I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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