Week 82 – The Spirit Guides and Comforts Heavenly Fathers Children


This is us with Bishop Flores. He served in the California, San Francisco Mission.


It was National Service Day here this last Saturday.


The Pineapple Tool I Bought at Home. It works! We’ve done this twice now!


Kakaiba ang umaga namin dito.  It has been another great week!

Here are the highlights:
We had an OYMing experience that led to us finding some Less-Actives. This last Monday night we were going to have a returning member named Crisanto work with us. We had told him to meet us at a specific street corner in our area. We got there a little early so we decided to print off the MLC notes at a “piso print” place on the corner. After printing them off we still couldn’t see brother Crisanto so we started OYMing some men at a coconut juice stand. They weren’t all that interested, but we did our best to invite them to learn more. As we talked with them Brother Crisanto arrived and, after leaving a pamphlet with the men, we turned to head toward our first appointment. As we started walking away, I heard someone say “Mormons ba kayo?” (Are you mormons?) and I turned to see a woman with a small child. We started talking with her and she told us that her name is Sister Mancao and she was baptized in Sambales. I felt the Spirit and knew that we had been guided in OYMing those men. If we hadn’t stopped to talk to them, we wouldn’t have met sister Mancao. We set up a return appointment and headed off to our lesson. The amazing part is that when we went to the return appointment it turns out that Sister Mancao has some member neighbors that had been looking for the missionaries but had never seen them (They live in a compound of houses built on top of each other where we hadn’t been before). I know that Heavenly Father led us to these two families to help them return to full activity in the church. I’m grateful for all of these “little miracles” with which Heavenly Father blesses us.
We also had my first Zone Meeting back in the field this last week! It went great! Besides teaching about the mission vision, I gave the opening remarks. I had all of this stuff planned, but as soon as I started talking I had this feeling of gratitude come over me and I realized just what a blessing it is to be a missionary again. I told the zone that if they feel like they miss music or movies or anything worldly I promise that they’ll miss being a missionary more. There really is nothing like it. I hope that we can help them achieve the mission vision of getting families to the temple
The last thing I want to share this week is about Brother Ralph. He’s the investigator that will be getting married and baptized soon. This last week during our lesson on Wednesday he and his soon to be wife, Sister Len, seemed kinda sad and told us that they didn’t know if they would have the money that they need for the marriage license and everything. We were really praying for them and asked sister Menil to go over and talk with Sister Len. They also talked to Bishop on Sunday and they now have a solid plan to get married on the 21st! That means that Brother Ralph will be baptized on the 28th. We are so excited for them!
I want to leave my testimony that I know that families can truly be together forever and that the Priesthood makes it possible. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Most of all I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I love you guys! Have a great week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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