Week 80 – Apply The Teachings From The Book Of Mormon in Our Lives

Trike Ride.JPG

P-Day Trike Ride


Elder Guzman

Elder Jones.JPG

Our Kabahays (Housemates)

Elder Guzman from Tarlac, Philippines And Elder Jones from the UK


Magandang Tanghali (Good Afternoon) Poe (the Poe is a joke about this lady running for President here -see 2nd photo)   It has been another amazing week!

No, I didn’t get to see Elder Valdez before he left. Apparently they took him to the airport that night that I got back.

I had my first district meeting back in the field on Tuesday. Our district leader is Elder Lambert. The sisters had to go have a check up so it was just us 4 Americans. Which was a little strange but fun. Sister Ortea joked on Sunday that we should have sang the Star-Spangled Banner for our opening hymn in District Meeting. Too bad we didn’t think of that… The district meeting was about helping investigators pray and receive an answer for themselves. It went pretty well and we were able to apply that throughout the week.

I wanted to tell you about a family that we have been teaching. The Espidido family lives in CAA, a really crowded part of our area. Before I got here, their mom literally chased down the missionaries and told them to come and visit. She’s a member, but she works abroad in Macao and was home for just a little vacation. We went and taught them for the first time last week. The most progressing member of the family that we have taught is Brother Thet (the son). He has read all of the assignments we’ve given him in the BOM and he and his grandmother came to church yesterday! His mom has since returned to Macao, but she’s still messaging them and encouraging them to go to church.
Another one of our investigators is Brother Ralph. He’s living with a sister who is a member and they have already been processing their marriage papers so that he can be baptized. The most amazing thing about Brother Ralph is that he finished the Book of Mormon last week. He’s not even a member yet and he has already read the whole thing! His faith is continually growing and he has a great testimony.
For my last highlight I wanted to share about a lesson that Elder Lambert and I had while we were on exchanges this past week. During planning, Elder Lambert explained the situation of one sister that we would be teaching. Sister Merlene is working as a maid for an elderly brother in the ward and asked the Elders for a Book of Mormon when they came to visit the member. They gave her her own copy of the Book of Mormon and scheduled a return appointment. Elder Lambert and I headed over to the lesson on Thursday afternoon. Brother Rosario invited us in and sat down while Sister Merlene got her Book of Mormon from upstairs. When we started the lesson and began following up with Sister Merlene we were happy to hear that she had been reading in her free time. We asked her what she had learned and she told us that she read about repentance in Mosiah. The next thing that she said really struck me. She said, “Nakita ko ang pagkakamali ko at nagsisi ako.” (I saw my mistakes and repented.) I felt the Spirit then and knew that Sister Merlene has been prepared to receive the gospel at this time. She not only started reading the Book of Mormon right away but is already trying to apply its teachings in her life. I thought about before the mission. I would sometimes read the Book of Mormon just to say that I was reading, but how much of it did I really take in? I feel like a lot of members could learn from Sister Merlene’s example to immediately apply the things we learn and change our lives.
I’m out of time but I love you all! Have a great week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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