Week 77.4 – Families Play an Essential Role in God’s Plan


Baby Blessing for Thea


Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat! Just wanted to send out an update on how everything is going.

So far the recovery has been great! The doctor emailed my mom today and wants to follow up with us on the 26th. He said that if there are no problems at that point I should be cleared to go back out! That was great news!!
I’ve still been working in the temple and I learn and feel the Spirit more each time that I go there. It has been a great experience and a great way to spend my time while I’m here in Idaho. I’ve also been staying in touch with some of my old companions. Elder Valdez told me that Brother Greg (Brother Christian’s neighbor this time) is going to be interviewed for baptism this Saturday. The recent converts really are amazing fellowshippers  because they have just felt true conversion for themselves and want to share it with others. I know that if we (speaking of those who have been members longer) would all take some time to think of our own conversions, and not just when we were baptized, we too would develop a greater desire to share the gospel and bring those blessings into the lives of others.
I was blessed a couple of Sundays ago to be a part of the baby blessing of my niece Thea (my brother’s daughter). It was a happy day and I still can’t believe that he’s a dad now! All of these experiences are just tender mercies from Heavenly Father and I hope that I will be able to continue to learn from this time at home.
Another tender mercy came on Monday when we had a Family Home Evening with a great family from the ward. It really reminded me of some of those FHE’s that we had in the mission and some of the amazing families that I was blessed to interact with. I’m excited to get back to the mission field and find more of those families who need this gospel and who are being prepared right now. The mission and serving in the temple has really strengthened my testimony of families and their role in God’s plan for His children. I know that families can be forever through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the priesthood can bind us together and seal us for time and all eternity. That’s all for this week.
Mahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!



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