Week 76 – The Lord Wants to Bless Us Through Learning and Growth

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Picture from LDS Missionaries Facebook Page


Quezon District at Mission Leadership Conference


Elder Honda went to School with Elder Stratton Before the Mission


Happy Chinese New Year! It’s actually kind of a big thing here and there are a lot of stores closed today.  We had a great week with Interviews and MLC! 

Brother Dhemer wasn’t able to come to church last week and we couldn’t get a hold of him. We were kind of getting discouraged, but then we had the feeling that we should visit on Friday night and he was there. His boss had been making him work overtime and on Sundays. Also, his cell phone broke so if we hadn’t gone at that time we never would have been able to reach him. He prayed about it, asked his boss if he could getSunday off and got permission! He has great faith and continues to progress.
Brother Christian, the neighbor of Brother Erving and Brother Edgar, should have his interview this Saturday and his baptism on the 20th! They are really doing a great job of fellowshipping him and we have seen the effect of that in his progression.
Our MLC and Interviews were amazing! I just wanted to share this one quote from President Ostler: “The Lord wants the work to get done, but He also wants to bless you. He’s okay with things taking a little longer than they need to as long as you grow from the experience.” He could make it easy on all of us if he wanted to, but that would rob us of the blessings of learning and growing.
The last highlight is my spiritual experience to President Ostler. I’m not sure if I told you about Brother Louie yet. We had OYMed him and set up a return appointmenta couple of weeks ago. When we returned, he was expecting us and was excited to listen. He texted us last week on Sunday letting us know that his boss had called him unexpectedly and that he wouldn’t be able to make it to church, but he wanted to come. We scheduled another return appointment and that was this last Monday. This lesson was even better than the first. Brother Louie had read the whole pamphlet and started the Book of Mormon by reading the introduction. He told us that while he was at work, he kept thinking about going to church and reading in the pamphlet and it was the first thing he did when he got home. Brother Edgar, the recent convert who accompanied us in that lesson, had a similar experience when he first started reading the Book of Mormon and was able to testify that he knows it’s true. Brother Louie kept saying that he was feeling something he hadn’t felt for a while. He is really receptive to the Spirit and he’s inviting it into his heart through his actions. We focused on inviting him to church in that lesson and he committed to come this Sunday. We were pleasantly surprised when he also brought his wife with him to church yesterday. I know that this is another blessing from Heavenly Father. Elder Valdez and I are continuing to be blessed with investigators who have been prepared and I know that there are more out there at this time.
I love you guys so much! Keep up the missionary work (including family history work) and let me know how it goes!
Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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