Week 74 – We Can “Fit” Missionary Work Into Our Lives


Elder Valdez is teaching me to make Filipino foods! He’s really good at vegetables since he’s an Ilokano.


This is called pakbet.  I’m gonna learn a lot from Elder Valdez!


This one is called sinigang (porridge). We made it with tilapia.



Ang ganda ng buhay dito sa Makati. (Everything is great here in Makati) Our area is Pasay but we live in Makati, both part of metro Manila. It has been another great week here, full of miracles.

Elder Crowder’s dad had a business in Qatar so that’s why he was there working on one of the rock grinding machines.  Elder Valdez has started teaching me how to cook and it’s hard. Hopefully I can learn from him and cook some delicious Filipino food for us when I get back.

Brother Edgar has been working with us and is really helping to fellowship Brother Dhemer. It’s great to see how strong the recent converts are in their testimonies. Brother Erving (Brother Edgar’s cousin from the baptismal picture) is also a recent convert and was called as our assistant ward mission leader. Our lessons with Brother Dhemer have been going great and I shared an experience from one of them with President Ostler:
          “I wanted to share about the same investigator from last week, Brother Dhemer. He is so prepared that it took me by surprise in one of our lessons. We went to teach him on Tuesday with Brother Edgar, a recent convert. He had already accepted the Restoration and is reading in the Book of Mormon so we decided to teach him about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. We had actually discussed the Word of Wisdom in Gospel Principles Class when he came to church and he told us that since then he had been drinking Milo instead of coffee. We were happy to see his willingness to repent and change in order to keep the commandments. We then taught him about the Law of Chastity. After some explanation of what the commandment was Brother Dhemer got a look of realization on his face and said, “kaya pala.” (That’s why.) We asked him what he meant and he explained that he and his wife aren’t married. He said that he felt there was something big in his life that was keeping him from coming closer to God and that he now knew what it was. He was the one that told us he needed to get married before he gets baptized. This is the first time I’ve seen an investigator with this kind of faith. He is already planning the earliest time that he can bring his wife from the province so that they can get married, hopefully by the end of February. Brother Dhemer also mentioned that the things that he was working hard to achieve and praying about just didn’t seem to work out. He said that now he knows it’s because he hasn’t been keeping all of God’s commandments. It’s a blessing and a miracle to see conversion happening in the lives of these people.”
We also had exchanges this week with Elder Jim and Elder Yanzon. I went with Elder Jim in their area and we had a great day (just like old times.) I have really seen how Elder Jim has grown, not only with the language, but also in his skills as a missionary and exercising faith. We saw at least one miracle when we contacted a referral whose mother is working abroad in Utah. He accepted us in right away, accepted a baptismal date, and even came to Stake Conference at Russel chapel yesterday. The Lord is continuously preparing people to receive the fullness of his gospel.
The last thing that I wanted to share with you was the message that Sister Ostler gave at Stake Conference this last Saturday night. She said that everyone is busy and thinks that we can’t fit missionary work in our lives. That’s what she taught: How to “FIT” missionary work in our lives.
1. F for Friendship. We all already have friends that we are thinking of sharing the gospel with.
2. I for Invite. This is the important part. We have to open our mouths and have a little bit of courage to invite them to a church activity or sacrament meeting.
3. T for Testify. As we testify after we invite, the spirit will bear witness of the things that we say and will help our friends accept the invitation.
I know that these three simple things will really help us all share the gospel with more of our friends. I love you guys and hope that you have another amazing week!
Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat! (I love you all)
Ingat kayo palagi! (Stay safe)
-Elder Beagley

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