Week 69 – The True Spirit of Christmas

Mission Aprons

Mission Aprons

Family Picture with Grandpa

Family Picture with “Grandpa”


Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Maligayang Pasko! (Merry Christmas!) I am a little short on time because we still have to send some reports to the assistants, but I’m so excited to talk to everyone for Christmas!

We are really enjoying all of the stuff from the packages. The mashed potatoes are almost gone and we have finished most of the cookies and cake mix from Jessi and Scott’s package, but so far the pistachios and jerky were a big hit.
I was going to have my pants re-sized, but the people at the tailoring shop told me they would have to remove too much and it won’t work! Success and not such a success at the same time. I’ll just have to get some new ones.
Brother Edgar is still doing great along with Brother Andrei! They both have baptismal dates for the 9th of January but we are going to push brother Andrei’s back a little.
We had a ward Christmas party this last Saturday. Before the party we visited a recent convert named Kirby (Edgar’s cousin) and he was struggling to put together his Santa costume so we helped him out. Thanks for teaching me to sew mom! He was really happy and the members loved his costume.
“On Wednesday we had a full day planned and were excited to have some new investigators from some of the return appointments we had set while OYMing. It didn’t quite go as planned and just about every single one of our appointments fell through. Our back ups weren’t home or were busy and we mainly spent the day OYMing other than one lesson with a less active family and one with an investigator we had taught a couple of times before. Even though we reached our goal of having 30 “testifying contacts,” we still weren’t able to get in and teach any of the people that we talked with. We spent a little longer planning that night and really did our best to follow the spirit in planning where we would go to find new investigators. Thursday was a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father is really guiding us and leading us to people who will receive us. Elder Valdez and I first started OYMing on the way to our first appointment and spoke to a grandmother named Libby who was outside watching her grandchildren. She was very kind to us and told us that we could come back later on. We ended up returning to Sister Libby and teaching her after meeting up with a member. Next we had planned to OYM on a certain street close to the church before our next appointment. After a few people who weren’t interested, we talked to a woman at a tindahan (store) and she let us in to teach her, her son, and her nephew. We found out that her husband had already been visited by the missionaries a long time ago, but she and the others hadn’t been taught yet. The blessings continued with another man named Kenneth who gave us a return appointment. We taught him yesterday and he was even waiting for us outside his house right on time. It was a great day and really turned our week around. I am grateful for the guidance of the Spirit that Heavenly Father blessed us with.”
That’s all for this week since we’re out of time, but I love you and hope that you will   all do what you can to give this year. That is the true spirit of Christmas. Just as Heavenly Father gave His only begotten son, we should give. Not only physical gifts but giving of ourselves. I love you guys!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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