Week 65 – TempleTrip for P Day



We had a pretty crazy temple P-Day today so this is going to be a short one because we have to get out and work!

Here’s the microwave version of the highlights:
I had an exchange with Elder Appleby (our kabahay) this past week. He will be going home with this batch of missionaries on December 2nd. Having him in our apartment, I was already impressed with his diligence and obedience throughout this transfer and I was excited to work with him for a day. Our exchange was on Saturday so we still had the shortened study schedule and it was our goal to really go out and find by OYMing. The lessons that we had planned almost all fell through, but we just kept on opening our mouths and talking with neighbors of investigators and others whom we saw. We were able to find one new investigator who let us in to teach him when we OYMed him outside of his home. That lesson that we taught was full of the Spirit, and I know that it was because we were showing Heavenly Father our faith throughout the day by talking with everyone. Elder Appleby is a great missionary and I have learned a lot from his example of diligently finishing strong. That is my goal, to “speed up towards the finish line” as Elder Maynes said in one of his talks. My outlook on finding and “talking with everyone” has changed after listening to Elder Maynes speak. It really is a blessing. I know that as we exercise faith Heavenly Father will bless us with his Spirit to lead us to those who are seeking the truth.
This last Tuesday, Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke to our mission. He first took questions so that he could discern the needs of the missionaries and teach us. He nailed it with his topic of “finding.” My favorite part of his whole talk was this: he turned to President Ostler and he said, ” Listen to this President, because everything depends on it. It’s consistency.” He helped us to understand how through goal setting and exercising faith we can accomplish much more than we have been. We have already started to apply the things that he taught us in our finding and were able to reach our goal of 8 new investigators this week. I know that the next months will be amazing if we will consistently exercise our faith and do “the Work of missionary work” which is to find those who Heavenly Father is preparing for us.
We are out of time, but I am still happy because we got to go to the temple today. The temple is such an amazing place and it renews my energy and determination to do this work each time I get to go. Another amazing thing was that Elder Arninio, our kabahay from Samar, did the temple work for his father today. He was so happy, and we were happy for him. What a Fantastic experience!
More next week…
I love you all!
-Elder Beagley



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