Week 64 – Prayer and Fasting Play a Key Role

I Will Pay the Price

All of the Missionaries in the Zone Signed the “I Will Pay the Price” Sign!

MLC Group

Mission Leadership Council




Magandang Tanghali na naman. Ang bilis ng araw. (The days are so fast!)

It has been another week full of miracles here in Pasay Zone. Thanks for the questions!
Here goes:
Q – What time is your church and how far away is your building?
A – Our church is at 1PM and it’s about a 15 minute walk from the apartment. We actually live right by the boundary of Pasay and Makati.
Q – Do you eat white or brown rice?
A –  White rice and you would be surprised at how many different types there are. I think I’m turning into a Filipino too because the other day Elder Bengan made some rice in the rice cooker and I started wondering, “What smells so good.” Oh no…
Q – What is your new apartment like?
A –  Our apartment is just 2 rooms and a bathroom. We sleep and study in one and the other Elders are in the other one. We have to rush a little in the mornings since there is only one shower. But it’s still nice.
Q – What is your favorite responsibility of being a zone leader?
A –  I really like being able to see all the work that the Elders and Sisters in the zone do. We follow up with their district leaders and as a zone leader you can really see how much good these missionaries are accomplishing. That’s probably my favorite part.
Q -What flavor was your pizza,(it looked delicious! !!) did the 4 of  you finish it?  What other things are you eating now that you didn’t on Palawan?
A – One pizza was meat lovers and the other was barbecue chicken. We definitely finished it. Some other things that we have here that we didn’t have in Palawan would be any kind of fast food. We don’t eat fast food that much though.
Q – How does the senior couple know David?
A –  The Mortimers are from that area of Utah. I’m not really sure how they met David. Elder Mortimer actually bought us Subway when we went to the mission office for Elder Bengan’s English test this last week.
Q – Have you done any big service projects lately?
A –  We have really been asking members and looking for service projects, but we haven’t had any lately. That’s another thing that’s a little different here. People always say, “nakakahiya naman yan” (pretty much “that’s embarrassing”) when you offer to do service because they want to be independent and are kind of shy to accept help.
That’s super that Dave Hershey won the election. Tell him congrats. I’m just imagining him making jokes at their meetings. It must be a really good time!
We had a great zone meeting this last Tuesday. We talked all about what it’s going to take to reach our goal of having a White Christmas. Just like President Ostler has said, the price of miracles is exact obedience and hard work. We made kind of a zone covenant to bring us together and we all signed that sheet in the picture saying that we will pay the price. I really love all of the missionaries in our zone. I feel like we came together with this new goal.
We have had some more finding miracles this past week. One of them was when we went back to a less active named Sister Katherine that we found OYMing one day. Apparently her niece, Sister Nicole was taught by the missionaries before and wants to be taught again. We went back with Brother Erving, a recent convert, and Sister Nicole accepted a baptismal date for December 26th!
The biggest miracle this week was what happened yesterday at church. I have really seen miracles through prayer and fasting on my mission and this was just one more of them. Our focus this week was on getting the new investigators that we found last week to church. Things were looking good for a few of them but we weren’t so sure if the others would show up. Yesterday morning we studied and then went to pick up one of our investigators on the way to church. We had just found Brother Manolo the night before and he told us that he wanted to come with us to church but didn’t know how to get there. When we arrived he got ready quickly and came with us. As we arrived at the church we came in and saw another one of our investigators, Sister Lysa who is part of a part-member family, already sitting down with her husband. As sacrament meeting started, a less active sister showed up with her niece whom we began teaching this last week. Another less active family (The Lucena family) came to church for the first time in a while and brought their non-member friend who wants us to teach her as well. Then, about halfway through the meeting, we got a text from another investigator, Sister Novie, who was on the way but had turned down the wrong road. She made it in time to catch the end of the primary program along with her son and a boarder who lives with them. The only word that kept coming to my mind was “miracle.” I know that that’s what this was. We have been having trouble getting people to church and this was a definite answer to our prayers and fasting. It was like we were seeing the blessings being “poured out” right before our eyes. My faith has really grown through experiences like this one. I know that the Lord is really the one doing this work, and we are so blessed to be His instruments. We also saw a lot of success happening in the whole zone. We will keep following up and doing all that we can to keep up this momentum for the 26th of December!
That’s all for this week! I love you guys tons and hope that you will continue to share the gospel in little ways. Thanks for being awesome!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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