Week 63 – Searching, and Finding!

New ClothesNew Clothes

Pizza with the Kabahays

Pizza with the Kabahays

Elder Appleby is Pretty Excited

Elder Appleby is Pretty Excited


Magandang Hapon! It has been a great week with a big new announcement for the mission

Thanks for the temple pictures! It’s looking great!
Today I splurged a little for part of the pizza (the good stuff is a little expensive for how much mission funds we get), but mainly I bought two pairs of pants and shirts.
My ponderizing verse this week is Alma 57:21 about the stripling warriors.
This last Monday our Bishop, Bishop Acuavera, worked with us to go and teach Brother Edgar. It was a great lesson full of the Spirit and Brother Edgar finally accepted a baptismal date for December 12th! Bishop really helped him to understand how important his commitment is and how the gospel will bless him more than anything that he would have to give up. I was so happy to have bishop come with us and I think it’s a good sign that we are seeing more support from the ward leaders.
We also fasted last Fast Sunday for Sister Lysa, that she would be able to accept a baptismal date and continue to progress. We went to teach her with our Assistant Ward Mission Leader on Wednesday, and she also accepted December 12th as her goal date! We are seeing more and more of these “little miracles” happening in our area. Our lesson there was about the Plan of Salvation. Elder Bengan and I really focused on eternal families and I bore my testimony to Sister Lysa of the peace that can come into our lives when we know that our families can be together forever. I’m so grateful for that knowledge.
This last week’s MLC was definitely a highlight. We talked a lot about new goals that are going to change the mission, especially in the month of December. Just like he said in his email, President Ostler talked about paying the price. That actually comes from one of his favorite sayings which he shared with me in my first interview. He said, “Life is like a store. You pay the price and take what you want.” Any goal that we set has a price that we need to pay in order to achieve it. Our goal for this December is the same way. I can’t tell you all of the details quite yet, but let’s just say we’re calling it “A White Christmas.”
My last highlight happened just last night. Especially after MLC, Elder Bengan and I had been praying to find new investigators who would be able to progress, but until yesterday we had only found a couple of new people who joined in a lesson with one of our current investigators. Last night after coming back from stake coordination we had about 2 hours of proselyting time left. We went to our first appointment with Brother Pedrano (a less-active member), shared a great short message there and left. We had both felt like we needed to follow up on a few OYMs that live a couple of streets away from Brother Pedrano, so we started heading in that direction. It turns out that the Sister that we had OYMed before, Sister Novie, is the owner of the boarding house where she lives. She invited everyone who was there to join in on the lesson and we taught the whole group of 7 people! It was an answer to our prayers. As we were about to begin the lesson, one sister said that she had to grab something and returned from the other room with a Book of Mormon! She said that she had borrowed it from a friend because she wanted something to read. We were definitely lead by the Spirit in finding this group of people and I know that at least some of them have been prepared to receive the gospel at this time.
I’m out of time, but I love you all! I hope that you will all do what you can to share the gospel with others as this Christmas season nears. Have a great week!
Mahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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