Week 61 – Pray With “Real Intent” to Know Gospel Truths

New Companion and kabahay

New Companion and kabahay

My new companion is Elder Bengan. He’s 21 years old. He’s from Roxas City, Philippines but moved to Aklan during his childhood so he speaks 4 languages: Ilongo, Aklanon, Tagalog, and English. He also only has one transfer left in the mission but is still going strong so I’m really happy. He’s a really good teacher and I’m going to learn a lot from him during this transfer.


New Haircut


Magandang hapon! Yes we did feel “the shake.” The funny thing is that Elder Stratton had joked one other time about there being an earthquake, but he was just moving his chair back and forth. So this time I thought he was messing with me and then I felt it too! It wasn’t really strong here, just barely enough to notice. Please pray for all of those affected.

My verse to “ponderize” this week is D+C 136:27 about being a good steward.

We taught the Moser Family again last Monday and they accepted a baptismal date! We taught about the Book of Mormon and how they can know for themselves the truth. Then Elder Stratton and I invited them to follow Christ’s example when they know, through the holy ghost, that this is what they should do. Brother Moser said, “absolutely.” (he’s pretty good at English) He said that if the Holy Spirit tells you that something is true, you can’t really deny it. I’m excited for them and I hope that we can help them to overcome the other trials that they are facing. We are going back there later on with the second counselor in the bishopric here, Brother Domingo. We are really praying for this Family and to be able to find other families here in this ward. I know that the Lord will bless us if we do all that we can.
I wanted to share about a lesson that we had with Brother Edgar. He is currently living with his cousin who is a recent convert. We have been teaching him a couple times a week for about a month now, and he has come to church twice, but not consistently. We taught Brother Edgar on Wednesday night, and he really felt the spirit for probably the first time. He had been reading and praying and had not received any answer yet, so we just kept  encouraging him to continue to pray and to really develop that “real intent.” It all came together for Brother Edgar as we taught him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We shared with Brother Edgar that Jesus Christ not only took upon himself all of our sins, but also our pains, weaknesses, and burdens. We explained to him that through Christ’s sacrifice, his gospel was made possible, a path back to our Heavenly Father. Brother Edgar then remembered what Elder Stratton and I had shared on Monday about Lehi’s dream and the iron rod. He said that he understood what it meant now and that he was feeling something that he had never really felt before. He tried to describe to us what he was feeling but ended up just saying that he was really happy. I know that was the Spirit testifying to Brother Edgar that this message is the truth. He said that he wants us to come back more often and that he is really thinking about baptism now (before he wouldn’t accept a date). I know that the Lord is using Elder Bengan and me as his instruments and I’m so very grateful for experiences like this one.”
This last week our goal has really been to work more closely with the members and ward leaders. We went and shared messages with Bishop Acuavera, the 2nd counselor, Brother Domingo, and the relief society president, Sister Domingo (They are husband and wife). We have really started to feel the support of the ward and I hope that the investigators, RC’s, and LA’s will feel it too.
I’m out of time but I love you guys! Have a great week and keep on praying for those missionary opportunities, I’d love to hear about them.
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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