Week 59 – Christ’s Prophet and Apostles on the Earth Today


Pasay Zone Meeting


District Activity at The Philippines Air Force Aerospace Museum


Treats from package

I saw all of the ingredients in the package and just had to do this like mom does!

Magandang P-Day sa inyong lahat! It has been an amazing week of conference and missionary work!

 This week we found a great family from a member referral. They are the Moser Family. We had an amazing first lesson with them this week and they even said that they know God brought them here to Pasay for a purpose. I’m excited to go back later tonight!
My next highlight is my spiritual experience that I sent to President Ostler: I wanted to share about a lesson that we had with a part member family this past week. The husband was married in the temple to his first wife, but she passed away about a decade ago. He has since remarried a woman from another faith and, a few weeks ago, she finally decided to let us teach her. This last visit we started teaching Sister Lysa about the plan of Salvation. After our short lesson about where we came from and what God’s plan is for us, she had to take care of the baby in the back room and left us with her husband to eat some bread that they had prepared for us. We were actually on exchanges at the time and Elder Vaivai, not knowing the whole situation, asked about Brother Norman’s previous wife. He told us what had happened and that they were sealed in the temple before she passed away. As we sat in silence for a few moments, I had a strong spiritual feeling come to me about how blessed we really are to know God’s plan and to have Priesthood keys to seal families on earth and in heaven. I expressed this feeling to Brother Norman and he said that it’s really true. Then he looked at us and said that, just the day before, He and his current wife had read the scriptures together for the first time. I could see the joy and gratitude on his face and he was almost brought to tears right then. As I’m writing this, I think of Henry B. Eyring’s talk about how when we do our part, the Lord adds his power to our efforts. The Lord is the one who is softening Sister Lysa’s heart. Brother Norman has done his part to preside over his family and show a great example of faithfully living the gospel and Elder Stratton and I are doing our small part to teach and invite Sister Lysa to come unto Christ, but the Lord is really the one doing the work. I am so grateful for the grace that is available through Christ’s Atonement. As we “come unto Christ and deny ourselves of all unrighteousness,” Then is his grace sufficient for us. (From my ponderizing scripture this week).  My ponderizing verse is Moroni10:32. What’s yours?
For the last highlight, I’m just going to share my favorites from conference:
1. Ponderizing. I thought that this talk was so awesome. It’s an amazing idea and I can’t wait to keep doing it from now on. I’ve already seen the effect of having a scripture running through my head throughout the day.
2. The talk from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about the “simplify” quilt, and also Jeffrey R. Holland on the divinity of motherhood. Those are for you mom!
3. The quote from Dale G. Renlund’s older brother, “The Lord has called you for what He needs to do through you, and that will only happen if you do it His way.”
I know that this quote is so true. As we do things the Lord’s way, he blesses us with strength and especially with the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us.
I know that the 3 new apostles have truly been called of God. Just as President Thomas S. Monson was. I hope that we will all read and reread the conference talks and apply these guiding truths in our lives. I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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