Week 58 – Love From Home and Heaven

BatchmatesMy Batch Mates from the MLC

Burrito Day

Burrito Day

Shared with the Kabahays

We Shared with the Kabahays

Elder McQuarrie Really Likes Burritos

Elder McQuarrie Really Likes Burritos

Magandang Tanghali sa inyong lahat! It has been another great week here in Pasay with many blessings and miracles.
 I’ll get to see conference next Saturday and Sunday! Super excited!
I got the package from home. We had burrito day so all of the kabahays loved it too!
We had interviews for my first time as a zone leader this last Tuesday. It was a really great experience as always. President Ostler gave me some great advice about how to help the missionaries in my stewardship feel my love for them (that’s what Elder Zook told me was the most important thing for him as a zone leader.) Another really spiritual experience happened in an unexpected way while we were checking area books (our records that we keep in each area for our investigators, recent convert, less active, info about the ward and lots of other stuff). We were checking one of the Sister’s area books and I kept  thinking to myself, “How do they do this? Where do they even find the time to be this detailed?” Then I got my answer as we were looking through some of their teaching records. I read the “background” section for one of their progressing investigators. It explained how they had OYMed this woman on a jeepney and then searched for a couple of weeks before they found her again. I remember specifically what they had written at the end. It said, “Her son is deaf and we are enjoying learning sign language to communicate with him. They are so special.” I read that last sentence over a few times, and it was then that the Spirit really hit me. I realized that the reason the sisters were so detailed and dedicated in updating their area book is because they love these people and the Lord with all of their hearts. I learned a lot from that experience and from those missionaries’ examples of faith and diligence. I am praying to be able to develop that kind of love for these people and I’m starting to feel it more than I ever have before.
MLC (Mission Leadership Council) was also another highlight. There are three other missionaries from my batch there (Sister Veras, Elder Ashton, and Elder Boshard) so it was really great to see them. The training was a lot about helping our investigators build stronger families and having better coordination to work more effectively with the wards and stakes. I learned a lot about how to better prepare so that our work and meetings with members will be more useful and get more done. I hope that we will be able to help the zone do this because it’s one area that we’ve been lacking in.
The last highlight is about one of our progressing investigators named Sister Lysa. She is the wife of our Young Men’s President and has been a strong member of another faith since birth (Seventh Day Adventist), along with her whole family. She just had a new baby and so her and her husband have been talking about their future. She decided to let us teach her a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time that she has allowed the missionaries to teach her and so Elder Stratton and I were feeling a little pressure. One of our lessons with her this week went amazing. She had read the chapter we left her in the Book of Mormon and had been praying to know if it’s true but didn’t quite feel like she had received an answer yet. Elder Stratton and I shared with her what it means to have “real intent” like Moroni says in chapter 10. I felt the Spirit testifying to her through us as we promised that if she would show her faith and come to church that Heavenly Father would give her the answer that she was searching for. She kept looking at her husband and just said, “titingnan natin.” (We will see). I knew that she felt that spirit and I was praying that she would act on the things that she felt. Long story short, she came to church for the first time ever yesterday! One of the members that tutors her daughter gave a great testimony and it seemed like the whole Relief Society was fellowshipping her. I know that Heavenly Father is really blessing us with miracles!
I’m out of time but I love you all!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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