Week 53 – The beginning of Year Two!


Sister Aiza is getting baptized on Saturday!

This is after her baptismal interview in Rizal on my one year mark!

DSCN1312[1] (2)

Last P Day we bought a huge papaya!

Since their baptism last week The Paje family has already been doing missionary work! On Tuesday, Brother Paje (Jacob) took us to the house of one of his friends and we got 4 new investigators there. They are the Linohan Family (the n has a ~ thing but I still don’t know how to do that on the computer). Then, on Sunday, Brother Jacob helped in fellowshipping some of his non-member classmates that came to church from the other Elder’s area. Brother Paje also came with us in a lesson with Brother Leonardo and shared a great testimony. It reminds me of where I’m reading right now in the Book of Mormon. In Helaman 6, many of the Lamanites are converted and even become more faithful than the Nephites. Even being recent converts themselves, it says that they preached the gospel with “great power and authority.” I have seen that in Brother Paje. The Spirit was very strong as he testified.

For this week we are still working in a “trisome.” Nobody has been sent yet to replace Elder Chandroo, so it’s just been one group of three missionaries for the two huge areas. It has been a little challenging, but we were still able to balance our time and make it work. I have learned a lot from Elder Vega while I’ve been here. Since I’ll probably be transferring on the 9th, It has been an amazing opportunity to visit both areas and teach other members and investigators.

For the last highlight I wanted to share about an activity that we had on Saturday. It was a “One Day Mission” for the youth in Quezon (which was also my “One Year” mark). Elder Bernard and I weren’t able to attend the “classes” that the youth had in the morning because of that interview in Rizal, but we made it back in time to have the youth and one of the young adults in the branch work with us. It was a great experience for everyone involved. We ended up teaching one of our investigator families and a couple of less active members. I was so impressed with the youth, especially as they bore testimony. Elder Bernard and I had planned to share about covenants, specifically the baptismal covenant, with one of our less actives that we taught. As we turned the lesson over to the youth and gave them a chance to share, the Spirit was so strong. One of the young women gave a very powerful testimony that as we keep our covenants we can have hope in knowing that Heavenly Father will always bless us. I know that this is true. I know that the Lord always keeps his promises. It’s up to us to keep ours, and when we do he will shower us with blessings. I know that the Lord is preparing people here in Quezon to receive the gospel and I also know that he is preparing these youth to go and bring others unto Him.

That’s all for this week. I hope that you will all continue to pray for missionary opportunities and OYM (Open Your Mouths) when you have those opportunities to share the Gospel.

I love you all!! Mahal ko kayong lahat!

Take care always Ingat kayo palagi!

-Elder Beagley

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