Week 50 – Church Members Make all the Difference This Work


Brother Rolando was Baptized in Rizal



This is a fruit called Marang. It’s delicious. You eat the little white seed pods

Kumusta na po kayo!? Parang kailan lang! (How are you all?)

Here in Palawan we eat a lot of tuna and we get some random different kinds of fish from members and one of the other Elders’ investigators sometimes. We also tried Lapu lapu (grouper) at a members house which is an expensive but really delicious kind. We usually fry it or sometimes make it in paksiw (like a soup). We also eat many different kinds of local grown fruits and vegetables.

Here are the highlights for the week: (The days go by so fast!)

The Paje family (Brother Vida and his son Jacob) are doing great! They have already been to church 3 times and should be able to make their baptismal date of the 22nd! I have really felt the Spirit in our lessons with them and I know that the Lord has prepared them for us to teach at this time.

The Gerarman kids (Alchris and Nevia) are also doing great and should be able to be baptized on that same day, August 22nd. They are really great and their member siblings are helping them to understand the lessons and come to church. I have really seen so much faith in this family. Their parents aren’t church members, but the kids that are members are some of the most faithful and diligent here in Quezon.

This week we have had a lot of Oyms and we have found some great people. One experience that I wanted to share was on Saturday after our coordination meeting. We didn’t have a member to accompany us and we had a return appointment with an older sister who is a new investigator. We didn’t know how we would be able to teach her, but we felt like we should just go and see what happened. As we were walking to her house, we saw a church member named Jay buying something at a little store and he came with us right then. The sister wasn’t home, but we ran into Jay’s friends who live close by her and were able to get in and teach them a lesson. Miracles are happening every day!

For my last highlight, this is from my email to President Ostler: It has been another great week here in Quezon! My spiritual experience comes from a coordination meeting that we had on Saturday. It was actually after a Family History activity that we had at the church. After we and the other Elders reported on our week and made some plans to visit people with members, I felt like Elder Bernard had something important that he should say. I asked him if he had anything to share. As he spoke to the leaders of the branch, especially to our branch president, I really felt the Spirit. Even if it was mostly English I know that everyone understood what he said through the Holy Ghost. He said that we know that we can’t do this work very well by ourselves and neither can the branch president. He expressed our love towards the leaders for everything that they do and encouraged them to really unite so that we can help all of our lost brothers and sisters find true happiness. I saw the effect that his testimony and invitation had on the leaders of the branch. You could visibly see that they felt the Spirit as well. Our meeting after church to plan visits went great and I feel like the branch is starting to more fully understand the mission vision! As far as how I’m doing, I’m very happy to be a part of this great work. I know that the Lord is blessing us here in the district. The Rizal Elders just had their first baptism since they started shotgunning. They said that the branch was almost all there to support brother Rolando. I know that they are there in Rizal because the Lord wants them there and they are seeing miracles through their diligence and obedience. I also know that the Lord wants me here in Quezon right now and has blessed us so much to have these people to teach. Elder Bernard has been doing great as we focused on extending commitments this week. I can see his teaching skills and his Tagalog improving step by step.

I love all of you guys! Have a great week!

Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley


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