Week 49 – Through The Ups and Downs This is The Lords Work

Elder ColomaElder Coloma and I at District Meeting

Magandang tanghali! It has been a great week here in Quezon!  However, there is one slight mishap to tell you about.
I’ll be going to Puerto on the 21st and I’ll probably take out some personal money while I’m by an ATM. There aren’t any here in Quezon. On Friday I was going to get 2000 pesos (about 45 dollars) broken into change and while waiting in line it fell out of my pocket when I grabbed my sweat rag. I didn’t notice until we were about to get the change. A guy sitting on a bench nearby said that he saw someone pick something up behind me and walk away quickly but by then he was long gone. I talked to President Ostler and he just thanked me for my honesty and hard work. I’ll have to replace that out of my personal money.

Elder Chandroo is the newest member of Quezon District. He is a visa waiter who was serving in India (apparently they can only get one year visas there). He has served in Arizona, India, and now here and has about 9 months left in his mission. I’ll see if I can send another picture, but the first one went pretty slow.

The next highlight was an interview on Saturday for an investigator in Rizal. They are finally starting to see some success down there since they started shotgunning and I’m so happy for them! Their investigator who is getting baptized is named Brother Rolando. I’ll try to send that picture as well. If not now then next week. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I interviewed him and I know that he is ready. His story is great. He just walked into a lesson that the Elders were having with his neighbors and ended up being more interested than them. He used to smoke and drink coffee but quit as soon as he heard about the Word of Wisdom. He’s going to baptized next week in a river that runs by his house.

I wanted to share about one of our progressing investigators named Brother Paje. He is the husband of Sister Paje, a formerly less active sister in Quezon branch. A few weeks ago Sister Paje came to church. I had never even met her and didn’t know that she lived in our area. She spoke with me after church and said that her husband and son are not members and that she would bring them the next week. That’s just what she did and Brother Paje is so prepared! We actually talked to them at the palengke (market) while we were buying vegetables. Brother Paje is half Filipino half American. I remember him saying to me in fluent English, “my father is from Alabama.” That one caught me by surprise! The spirit was so strong as we visited their home on Wednesday. Before we could even extend a baptismal date, as we first brought up the subject, he asked us, “When can you baptize me?” I know that the Lord has prepared Brother Paje, through the Spirit and through his wife, to receive this message. They all came to church again this week, including their son. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing us with people to teach and he is guiding us with the Holy Ghost. I know that, in reality, he Lord is doing the work. We are just the blessed ones who get to be instruments in His hands. I have also seen the priesthood power evident here in the work. I know that the priesthood really was restored and that as holders of that priesthood, the Lord can work through us to accomplish His purposes.

The pictures haven’t loaded and I’m out of time, but I love you guys so much and I’ll send them next week! Continue to read the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel!

Also, tell Ethan Wolff congrats and to have fun!

Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!

Ingat po kayo!

-Elder Beagley

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