Week 52 – Baptisms, Zone Conference and the One Year Mark!


A Beautiful Day


The Paje Family

Gerarman Family & Friends

The Gerarman Family and Friends

3 Generation

A Three Generation Picture at Zone Conference

Ang ganda ng buhay dito sa Palawan! (Life is Great here in Palawan) It has been an amazing week!  Also I received all of the letters from the YW Camp. Tell them all thanks so much! I am having the time of my life right now. Elder Bernard and I are very blessed and happy to be here in Quezon. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing us all so much.

So here are the weekly highlights, and really some of the highlights of my mission so far:
Like I told you before, Brother Raffy had been a little discouraged because they haven’t been successful so far in getting his marriage papers signed by his father and finished. Elder Bernard and I decided that the next time we went to visit, if he still didn’t want to be taught, we would leave a note with the scriptures that we had planned to share and some encouraging words. We wrote that we love him and know that Heavenly Father is giving him these trials to make him strong. We left him Alma 36:37 and Ether 12:27 to read. That was last Monday when we left the note. The next day we were teaching close to the road at Brother Leonardo’s house when we saw Sister Rabanzo, Brother Raffy’s future mother-in-law, walking up to us. She told us that Raffy wanted us to come that night! When we went there later on he had even cooked for us! He thanked us and said that he had just felt down and angry at his situation. I know that the Spirit guided us in helping him and I really felt it in the lesson that night.
On Thursday we had exchanges in Narra with the Zone Leaders before heading to Puerto for Zone Conference the next morning. It was Elder Sacay’s birthday and the senior couple (The Wirthlins) made him cheesecake. He was nice and shared with us. It was like a little taste of mom’s cooking. So I’ll be okay for a while now. The exchanges went great and I learned a lot from Elder Merrill’s example. He only has about 2 more weeks in his mission, but it was plain to see that he isn’t slowing down or losing his focus at all.
Zone Conference on Friday was another amazing one. We talked about having power in our callings as missionaries. The subject that President Ostler focused on was having power in unity. He brought me and Elder Bernard up and put a yoke on us. You’ll have to look on the mission blog for the picture that Sister Ostler took. One of the best parts of the Conference though was a talk by President Hiatt on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He read from Mosiah3:19, “For the natural man is an emeny to god and has been from the fall of Adam and will be forever and ever…” Then he paused and asked us, what if there was a period here? What if that was it? We would all just live and die as natural men and be enemies to God forever. He then went on and said that because of the Atonement it doesn’t have to be that way. We can “put off the natural man and become saints through the Atonement of Christ.” I know that this is true. Christ’s Atonement provides us with grace, or an enabling power. We need that to become more than we can become by ourselves. The Atonement has become so much more real to me here. I get to see the redeeming power taking effect in the lives of others and feel the enabling power giving me strength.
The last highlight was from Saturday and Sunday. There were 5 baptisms and confirmations. It was the happiest couple of days on my mission. I was blessed to be able to baptize Sister Nevia Gerarman and Brother Jacob Paje. Elder Bernard baptized Brother Alcris and Brother Vida. Then, Elder Vega baptized Dennies. The Spirit was so strong throughout the whole baptism and especially as each of them bore their testimonies. I love all of these people so much. Sunday afterwards was also great. We had the 5 confirmations and I blessed a baby of a part member family that we taught before but who now moved into the other Elders area. I love being a part of this work and seeing the miracles happen for these families. I’ll hit my one year mark this Saturday. WOW!!! Maybe you could call President Ostler and have him extend the time for another year or so. I’m just kidding Mom. But I wouldn’t say no if that were possible.
I love you guys all so much! Have a great week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat! (Much love to All)
Hanggang sa darating na linggo (Until next week)
-Elder Beagley

Week 51 – God Teaches Us What He Knows Is Important

Narra zone meetingNarra Zone Meeting

The Paje's

Brother Jacob & Brother Vida – The Paje’s

Brother Christopher

Brother Christopher – His Brother and Sister are Getting Baptized (The Gerarmans)

Magandang tanghali sa inyong lahat!

It has been another Amazing week! I just sent Tucker an email saying this, but Elder Bernard lived in Federal Way, Washington since he was 14! How awesome that he is going to be serving there!! Maybe Tucker will meet his family!

I read a talk the other day by Gerald Causse from a mission presidents seminar and it just made me realize once again the importance of focusing on the temple. Even with those we teach who aren’t baptized yet. We still want them all to set goals for the temple.  I’m so happy to hear that you guys are going to the temple with your own names! President Ostler actually emailed us to get on Family Search today and prepare a name for temple work. I’m going to try and do that right after this.

Also, Elder Zook goes home at the end of this transfer or maybe even a couple of weeks earlier. Elder Merrill told me that he’ll be going to BYU Idaho! You’ll have to try and get in contact with him.

We had Elder Merrill’s last zone meeting on Tuesday. He has been a great leader and a great example to me. We’ll probably meet at BYU after the mission as well. Something that he said was the best quote of this zone meeting. Earlier on we watched the video from a talk of D Todd Christofferson about the currant bush. Elder Merrill commented on that in his testimony and said this: “Whenever God is trying to teach us something, that is the most important thing for us at that time.” He talked about how for almost a whole transfer he was stuck inside with a companion that had back problems. He said that even though he wanted so badly to be finding and teaching and baptizing, he knew that Heavenly Father wanted him to learn something else at that time. I am reading right now in Alma in the Book of Mormon and it really relates to what Elder Merrill said. While Ammon was out converting a king and all of his people, Aaron and his other brothers had been rejected and locked up. It says that they bore all of these afflictions with patience. They had enough faith to accept the trials the Lord gave them and to trust that as they were promised in Alma 26:27 He would “give unto [them] success.”

The next exciting detail is that all four of our candidates for baptism passed and will be baptized on Saturday along with another investigator from the other Elders here in Quezon!!!!!! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much as a district in the past month. I know that as we continue to work in unity with the branches in Quezon and Rizal that the blessings and the miracles will continue even after we’re gone. I am so excited for the Gerarmans and the Pajes. They were prepared by the Lord for this time. I feel so blessed that the Lord has trusted us to teach and guide these humble people down the covenant pathway.

For my last highlight I wanted to share about our finding this week. We knew that we needed to focus on finding this week in addition to preparing some of our investigators for baptism. That way we could keep up the momentum after they get baptized. The only problem was that we couldn’t seem to find anyone. all the way through Saturday we were praying to find these people whom Heavenly Father has prepared to receive our message, and it just wasn’t happening. Then, yesterday, as we only had about an hour left before we would return to the apartment, we decided to follow up on a referral which we had met on Friday. Sister Almoguera had come with the youth for an activity and, as we arrived at the church for our coordination meeting, her friends introduced her to us. It took us a little while to ask around last night and find the house, but when we did we knew that Heavenly Father wanted us to be there. The Almogueras are actually a family of five who allowed us to teach them right then and there and committed to a baptismal date in the first lesson! I know that this was Heavenly Father’s way of answering our prayers. I am continually amazed and grateful for the miracles that we have seen and are seeing in this work. I know that the Lord does His own work through us.

That’s it for this week! I love you all and hope that you will continue to visit the temple and share the “Great News” gospel with those around you.

Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!

Ingat kayo hanggang sa muli!

-Elder Beagley

Week 50 – Church Members Make all the Difference This Work


Brother Rolando was Baptized in Rizal



This is a fruit called Marang. It’s delicious. You eat the little white seed pods

Kumusta na po kayo!? Parang kailan lang! (How are you all?)

Here in Palawan we eat a lot of tuna and we get some random different kinds of fish from members and one of the other Elders’ investigators sometimes. We also tried Lapu lapu (grouper) at a members house which is an expensive but really delicious kind. We usually fry it or sometimes make it in paksiw (like a soup). We also eat many different kinds of local grown fruits and vegetables.

Here are the highlights for the week: (The days go by so fast!)

The Paje family (Brother Vida and his son Jacob) are doing great! They have already been to church 3 times and should be able to make their baptismal date of the 22nd! I have really felt the Spirit in our lessons with them and I know that the Lord has prepared them for us to teach at this time.

The Gerarman kids (Alchris and Nevia) are also doing great and should be able to be baptized on that same day, August 22nd. They are really great and their member siblings are helping them to understand the lessons and come to church. I have really seen so much faith in this family. Their parents aren’t church members, but the kids that are members are some of the most faithful and diligent here in Quezon.

This week we have had a lot of Oyms and we have found some great people. One experience that I wanted to share was on Saturday after our coordination meeting. We didn’t have a member to accompany us and we had a return appointment with an older sister who is a new investigator. We didn’t know how we would be able to teach her, but we felt like we should just go and see what happened. As we were walking to her house, we saw a church member named Jay buying something at a little store and he came with us right then. The sister wasn’t home, but we ran into Jay’s friends who live close by her and were able to get in and teach them a lesson. Miracles are happening every day!

For my last highlight, this is from my email to President Ostler: It has been another great week here in Quezon! My spiritual experience comes from a coordination meeting that we had on Saturday. It was actually after a Family History activity that we had at the church. After we and the other Elders reported on our week and made some plans to visit people with members, I felt like Elder Bernard had something important that he should say. I asked him if he had anything to share. As he spoke to the leaders of the branch, especially to our branch president, I really felt the Spirit. Even if it was mostly English I know that everyone understood what he said through the Holy Ghost. He said that we know that we can’t do this work very well by ourselves and neither can the branch president. He expressed our love towards the leaders for everything that they do and encouraged them to really unite so that we can help all of our lost brothers and sisters find true happiness. I saw the effect that his testimony and invitation had on the leaders of the branch. You could visibly see that they felt the Spirit as well. Our meeting after church to plan visits went great and I feel like the branch is starting to more fully understand the mission vision! As far as how I’m doing, I’m very happy to be a part of this great work. I know that the Lord is blessing us here in the district. The Rizal Elders just had their first baptism since they started shotgunning. They said that the branch was almost all there to support brother Rolando. I know that they are there in Rizal because the Lord wants them there and they are seeing miracles through their diligence and obedience. I also know that the Lord wants me here in Quezon right now and has blessed us so much to have these people to teach. Elder Bernard has been doing great as we focused on extending commitments this week. I can see his teaching skills and his Tagalog improving step by step.

I love all of you guys! Have a great week!

Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

Week 49 – Through The Ups and Downs This is The Lords Work

Elder ColomaElder Coloma and I at District Meeting

Magandang tanghali! It has been a great week here in Quezon!  However, there is one slight mishap to tell you about.
I’ll be going to Puerto on the 21st and I’ll probably take out some personal money while I’m by an ATM. There aren’t any here in Quezon. On Friday I was going to get 2000 pesos (about 45 dollars) broken into change and while waiting in line it fell out of my pocket when I grabbed my sweat rag. I didn’t notice until we were about to get the change. A guy sitting on a bench nearby said that he saw someone pick something up behind me and walk away quickly but by then he was long gone. I talked to President Ostler and he just thanked me for my honesty and hard work. I’ll have to replace that out of my personal money.

Elder Chandroo is the newest member of Quezon District. He is a visa waiter who was serving in India (apparently they can only get one year visas there). He has served in Arizona, India, and now here and has about 9 months left in his mission. I’ll see if I can send another picture, but the first one went pretty slow.

The next highlight was an interview on Saturday for an investigator in Rizal. They are finally starting to see some success down there since they started shotgunning and I’m so happy for them! Their investigator who is getting baptized is named Brother Rolando. I’ll try to send that picture as well. If not now then next week. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I interviewed him and I know that he is ready. His story is great. He just walked into a lesson that the Elders were having with his neighbors and ended up being more interested than them. He used to smoke and drink coffee but quit as soon as he heard about the Word of Wisdom. He’s going to baptized next week in a river that runs by his house.

I wanted to share about one of our progressing investigators named Brother Paje. He is the husband of Sister Paje, a formerly less active sister in Quezon branch. A few weeks ago Sister Paje came to church. I had never even met her and didn’t know that she lived in our area. She spoke with me after church and said that her husband and son are not members and that she would bring them the next week. That’s just what she did and Brother Paje is so prepared! We actually talked to them at the palengke (market) while we were buying vegetables. Brother Paje is half Filipino half American. I remember him saying to me in fluent English, “my father is from Alabama.” That one caught me by surprise! The spirit was so strong as we visited their home on Wednesday. Before we could even extend a baptismal date, as we first brought up the subject, he asked us, “When can you baptize me?” I know that the Lord has prepared Brother Paje, through the Spirit and through his wife, to receive this message. They all came to church again this week, including their son. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing us with people to teach and he is guiding us with the Holy Ghost. I know that, in reality, he Lord is doing the work. We are just the blessed ones who get to be instruments in His hands. I have also seen the priesthood power evident here in the work. I know that the priesthood really was restored and that as holders of that priesthood, the Lord can work through us to accomplish His purposes.

The pictures haven’t loaded and I’m out of time, but I love you guys so much and I’ll send them next week! Continue to read the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel!

Also, tell Ethan Wolff congrats and to have fun!

Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!

Ingat po kayo!

-Elder Beagley