Week 48 – A Sabbath Day to Remember!

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Elder Vega

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My Kabahays (roomies) with the Awesome Sunset – Elders Vega, Bernard and Coloma

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                            Third exchanges in Rizal.      Took  another morning  run. It really was a “run” and not a jog because Elder Whittle played receiver in high school

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Elder Whittle

Magandang tanghali sa inyong lahat! There was a short “brownout” just as I was halfway through this email. Thank goodness for auto-save!
The first highlight is from my spiritual experience to President Ostler. It’s an update about Sister Eden: “I wanted to share about a lesson that we had with a part member Family, The Gerarmans. Our most recent recent convert, Sister Eden, is their cousin and she was present as we taught the message of the Restoration. I noticed right away the difference in Sister Eden compared to before her baptism. When Elder Bernard and I were teaching her she was very shy, and sometimes was too afraid to answer our questions because she thought she might be wrong. In this lesson however, she bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and even helped us to answer a few of the Gerarman kids’ questions about the Apostasy. I really felt the Spirit as Sister Eden testified and it made me happy to see her sharing what she knows is true through her own experience. I know that the Gift of the Holy Ghost is a very real thing. I am so grateful to have this gift in my life. I know that we can feel Heavenly Father’s love for us, be comforted, testify with power, and teach with authority, all because of this gift that Heavenly Father has blessed us with.”

I know that staying worthy of and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost is so important in our lives. I remember a quote from David A. Bednar’s wife. She said that if we truly understood how wonderful it was to have the constant companionship of the third member of the Godhead, we would never do anything to risk losing that companionship.

This week I went on exchanges twice. Once in Rizal with Elder Whittle and once here in our area with Elder Vega. It was a great time and I really felt the Spirit guiding us. Even though I didn’t know the Investigators in Rizal and Elder Vega didn’t know our investigators here in Quezon, Heavenly Father does. Through that spirit we were able to have some really great lessons. One of the best ones was on Tuesday with Elder Whittle. They are currently helping a family in Rizal, the Risane family, to prepare to go to the temple. As we discussed with them the blessings that will come to their family through the covenants they will be able to make there I could really see their desire. They barely have enough income to make it by as it is, but they are doing all that they can to achieve their goal of being sealed and becoming an eternal family. Their faith is so strong and it was really an inspiration to me. They have no idea right now how they will make it to Manila, but they are living the gospel and trusting in Heavenly Father. I felt Heavenly Father’s love for them so strongly during that lesson.

The last highlight is about this Sunday and the whole week in general I guess. We really are so blessed to live in this dispensation and to have received a knowledge of The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. I can understand where the General Authorities are coming from with emphasizing the importance of the Sabbath day. Not only Sunday, but especially partaking of the Sacrament has become a lot more special and sacred to me as I have been serving and teaching others about the importance of covenants.We had two part member families (the Gerarmans and the Pahe family) who attended sacrament meeting along with Brother Leonardo, his mother and sister. The Cabillar Family, and Brother Raffy were all in attendance as well. Heavenly Father has really blessed us with so many people here who are prepared to receive the gospel. The branch really welcomed them in and it seemed like they all had a great time. We also had a couple really great lessons this week with Brother Leonardo and his family. I am so grateful to be here I Quezon right now. Yesterday right before Sacrament Meeting President Yap asked me if I could be one of the speakers along with Elder Coloma. We agreed and even though we were both just scrambling to find scriptures it all ended up okay. I decided to talk about members in missionary work and to encourage all of them to continue to show their examples to those around them. I know that we can all have a huge impact on those around us as we seek to live the gospel more fully. They will know and learn more about what we believe from our actions than from what we say. I hope that you are all seeking and praying for those missionary opportunities, at huwag kayong matakot kapag dumating sila (and don’t be afraid when they come). Alam ko na kaya nyo iyan! (I know that you guys can do it!) Also, don’t forget to try and share a Book of Mormon with someone this week!
 I love you guys!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!

-Elder Beagley


Week 47 – Conversion Strengthens Others


Elder Bernard and the Bahay

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Our Serious Faces – I Just Can’t Do It!


Elder Villoso

Magandang tanghali sa inyong lahat!

On Tuesday after district meeting and all of Wednesday I had exchanges with Elder Villoso while Elder Bernard went to Narra. My spiritual experience to President Ostler was actually from something that Elder Villoso said to me.  I was expressing my desire to him to have more success as a district and that sometimes I’m not sure what it is that the other Elders need. He just asked me, “How is Elder Coloma’s mom doing?” I was a little confused and replied that I didn’t know how she was doing. He then explained that I need to know my stewardship before I can lead them in the most effective way possible. It struck me then that he was exactly right and I felt the Spirit confirming to me that it was something I need to work on. Just as we need to “Build Relationships and Trust” with those whom we teach, we should have an even greater trust as missionaries in a district. I have since thought about and studied the Savior’s example of this principle. He said in John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and are known of mine.” If I want to be a Christlike leader I need to know and trust those whom He has placed in my care and they need to know and trust me. I’ll really do my best to develop unity here in the Quezon District.
On Saturday we had interviews with President Ostler. It took the whole day traveling and having the training meetings but it was well worth it to receive guidance and direction. In my interview with President Ostler we mainly discussed how the Mission Vision is coming along, specifically in the Quezon Branch. Even though it has been a little slow to start, this Vision is having a big effect on the mission. Everything is so much more focused on true conversion and helping our investigators, recent converts, and less-actives down the covenant pathway. The other thing that I asked President Ostler for some help with is helping the other Elders in the district to have success. He gave me some great counsel and explained that it will be all about unity. Just as he was saying that, rugby popped into my head. It was a strange thing to be thinking about in the interview, but then again it made perfect sense. I told him about what a scrum is and that the closer you are to each of your teammates, the more force you will be able to generate together. I definitely know that President Ostler is inspired and that the Spirit guided our discussion. One of the scriptures he shared with me was D+C 6:32. The Lord promises that if we gather in His name “as touching one thing” He will be there with us. I know that it’s true.
As far as the work this week, Brother Raffy made it down to Puerto! He should be back tomorrow with his completed papers and as soon as he is married, he could be baptized that same day! I’m so happy for him and for the Rabanzo family that he is living with. Seeing his conversion has strengthened theirs. It’s definitely true that because we have the gospel and through the Atonement of Christ we can make it through tough times. I definitely know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  We are also continuing to see success in finding new investigators. Some of them that we found yesterday were especially exciting. A young man named Leonardo was in one of our lessons a few weeks ago and he gave us his phone number and address, but we hadn’t been able to reach him yet or find the right house. A sister in the branch approached me at church and said that she knows Brother Leonardo’s mother and that they thought we were going to come last week. She explained to us where the house was and we were able to teach Brother Leonardo, his mom, and his grandfather. It seemed from that first lesson that they have been prepared by the Lord. They even accepted a baptismal date right then!
That’s all for this week! I love you guys!
Ingat sila sa inyo!
-Elder Beagley

Week 46 – The Most Rewarding Work We Can Ever Do

Sister Eden's Baptism

Baptism of Sister Eden

Sister Eden and her Cousin at Church

Sister Eden & Her Cousin at Church

Elder Jervoso from Tacloban

Elder Jervoso from Tacloban – He Knows Kyle Marlin

Magandang tanghali!  Thanks so much again for the package! It was all my favorite, but especially the potato pancakes I made earlier this morning. Gotta keep that tradition alive! Way to go on the family history! That was one of the focuses in Zone Meeting and I know that the spirit of Elijah is real and can be so strong. Even just filling out the little “My Family” booklet, I felt it.

In our bahay we live with Elder Coloma (for 3 transfers now) and Elder Vega (for 2). They are both filipino and super great missionaries. They are also starting to get some success going in their area with an investigator that just needs to come to church 2 more times before she can be baptized (Sister Mirriam)! Them and then the two Elders in Rizal make up Quezon District.

On Monday and Friday we had some good lessons with Brother Rommel. I think I told you about him, he’s from a part member family. He really read the pamphlet over and started on the Book of Mormon. He said that he feels it’s true! He wasn’t able to come to church yesterday, but he and Sister Eljane said they are going to take Sundays as their days off from now on. She is less active so it will be great to see her come back as well.
Brother Raffy is planning to go to Puerto on the 15th to get his papers signed and then they can get married! He actually worked with us this week and bore an amazing testimony! He said that he had been searching for the truth for a long time and now he knows that he’s found it. I’m really happy and excited for him!
I just want to share my favorite quote from Tuesday’s zone meeting: “This is the best life that you will ever live in your life.” -Elder Honda. (He also has an awesome Australian accent so it was even better in person.) I know he’s right on there. There will never be another time in my life like this, where I can serve the lord with no other worries. I’m so grateful to be here right now.
On Friday we had a lesson with the Handig family (part member).Sister Handig and her son are members, but the son’s daughter isn’t so we were teaching her. Our lesson was about the Atonement. As we taught, Elder Bernard was definitely guided by the Spirit. He asked Sister Handig if she could share what she felt about the Atonement. She then gave a great testimony about the Savior’s sacrifice for us. The thing that really stuck with me was what she said at the end of her testimony. She said, “The Atonement is the most important thing that has ever happened on the earth.” I thought about that for a minute and it’s absolutely true. Without Christ, who willingly sacrificed for us, there could be no plan of happiness. The Spirit was very strong after Sister Handig’s testimony and I know that her daughter-in-law felt it as well.
The last highlight is about the baptism. Sister Eden gave an amazing testimony afterwards. She shared how grateful she was that she agreed to be taught by the missionaries again. She said that she knows her life has changed and will change because of the gospel. I felt so happy for her. I know that this work is the Lord’s work! It is the most rewarding and valuable work that we can ever do! Keep praying for those missionary experiences and they will come!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

Week 45 – Feeling Extremely Blessed

Care PackageCare Package Celebrating “One Year” arrived a Little Early!  – No Complaints here …

4th of July Spirit

4th of July Spirit

 Thank you guys so much for the package! I actually received it on the 4th of July so that’s what I thought it was for at first! Thanks for your love and support!

Last Monday when one of our appointments wasn’t home we were walking down a path when I remembered a less active member that Elder Jim had told me about but that I had never met. We went over to the house which Elder Jim had pointed out to me and they were home. The less active member is Sister Eljane and we ended up teaching her and her non-member husband, Brother Romel. They weren’t able to come to church this Sunday but said that they were already planning on coming next week! It was another little miracle in finding those prepared by the Lord.
I don’t remember if I told you before about the referrals from the Gerarman family (their cousins), but one of them is getting baptized this next week! Sister Eden passed her interview on Saturday and even went to help clean up the church after. She is truly prepared to receive the gospel in her life at this time. That’s part of my weekly highlight for the 4th of July. I had to travel for 4 hours that day on the shuttle to go and switch companions with the Zone Leaders so that Elder Bernard and Villoso could work together while Elder Merrill interviewed Sister Eden. It was all worth it though because Sister Eden passed the interview – AND – I got my package! Thanks so much again! Everything was just what I needed!
Another update on Brother Raffy. He is planning to travel to Puerto this week to get the signature of his father, and then he can get married and baptized! It should be in just a few weeks! I’m really happy for him.
My last highlight is my experience to President Ostler: We had just OYMed some people sitting outside of their house and asked if we could share a short message with them right there. Sister Oliba seemed hesitant at first but her husband said (in tagalog), “they just want to share.” She replied with, “okay but that’s it, we’ll just listen.” I was a little apprehensive after that because we are always inviting to baptism especially at the end of the first lesson and I wasn’t sure how they would react to that. As we shared about our Heavenly Father’s love for us and our families, their hearts softened. I could see Sister Oliba opening up more as the lesson went on. The time came to extend the baptismal invitation and I felt the Spirit telling me to go for it. I nodded towards Elder Bernard and he invited them to follow Christ’s example and be baptized. Brother Oliba said, “Of course!” I was pleasantly surprised. He and his wife both accepted a baptismal date for next month. It was just another example to me of the power of the Holy Ghost. Elder Bernard and I walked away from that lesson smiling and he commented to me that the Spirit was really there. I know that it was. I know that Alma 16:16 is true. The Lord does, “pour out His Spirit on all the face of the land… to prepare their hearts to receive the word.” As far as how I am doing, I am feeling extremely blessed. Elder Bernard and I are experiencing success in the work at this time and I am very grateful to the Lord for preparing these humble people for our message.
President Ostler also encouraged us to send him and our families the promises from the scriptures that the Lord has for his servants. One of my favorites, that I already sent to you before I think, is in D+C 84:88 that He will go before our face, be on our right hand and our left, with His spirit in our hearts and His angels to bear us up. I know that it is absolutely true. He is doing the work, we are his tools. We can and should all be a part of the Lord’s work through our examples in living and especially sharing the gospel. We will see blessings and miracles in our lives and the lives of others.
I love you guys!
Mahal namahal ko kayo!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley