Week 44 – Christ’s Atonement is Infinite


Things are going great here with Elder Bernard.

He played football for The University of Hawaii

Magandang Tanghali sa inyong lahat!It has been a great week here in Quezon and I just realized that I’ve been in the Philippines for 10 months! Time really flies and I don’t want to waste a single second of it!

This week we had a really great lesson with the Abrasado Family (the father is less active because of work). Elder Bernard and I really felt the spirit as we planned earlier on in the day for that lesson. Elder Bernard shared an experience about how he was forced to choose between work and coming to church and how his faith had allowed him to make the right choice. As he shared the experience and I translated, I could see the effect that it had on Brother Abrasado. The spirit was so strong and when we asked if there was anything we could help with Brother Abrasado replied that we had already helped them to remember how important it was to keep the commandments, especially keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We got to see the whole family at church yesterday!!!!
On Wednesday we were coming from a lesson when the rain was just a drizzle at first suddenly got really strong. We had umbrellas but still rushed over to the side of a small house to hide under the overhang of the roof. Just then a man appeared in the doorway and invited us in to sit and wait for the rain to stop. His name is Brother Ton and he allowed us to share a message with him right then and there. The best part is that in the middle of the lesson, the second counselor of our branch presidency who was on his way to work with us arrived. He actually knows Brother Ton’s wife and mother! It was another blessing to be in the right place at the right time.
On Saturday we were finally able to teach the husband of one of our progressing investigators. Brother Cabillar is a fisherman and is rarely ever home. We were excited to finally teach him. It was a great lesson and Sister Cabillar even shared that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! Brother Cabillar accepted a baptismal date and even though he might have some obstacles to overcome, I know that his family has been prepared to receive the Gospel at this time.
This is my spiritual experience I wrote about to President Ostler: I wanted to share about a lesson that we had with a part member/less active family, the Agapito family. They live pretty far away from the church and don’t always have enough money to make it there on Sunday. When Elder Bernard and I visited them along with the Branch President, they were happy to see us. We began the lesson with Elder Bernard introducing himself and then had an opening hymn and prayer. ( I have definitely gained a testimony of the power of music and how it affects us.) After the prayer, President Custodio said, “namimiss po namin kayo sa simbahan.” We are missing you at church. In reply Sister Agapito asked if they could come back. Her question struck me when I realized that it was sincere. She really thought that she might not be allowed back after so long. We assured her that she would definitely be allowed to come back to church, and she ended up attending with her non-member daughter-in-law yesterday. At the end of the day I thought about Sister Agapito’s question and it made me realize once again that the most important part of our message, the thing that really changes peoples’ lives, is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. You said during zone conference that one of Satan’s biggest lies is that “the Atonement only reaches so far.” But I know that it is infinite. No matter someone’s past transgressions or mistakes might be, forgiveness is always available through Christ’s mercy. We just have to come unto Him with all of our hearts and live His gospel.
I’m out of time, but I love you all and hope that you will continue to be great examples to all of those around you!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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