Week 43 – Sharing Heavenly Fathers Plan

Elder Bernard

Elder Bernard

Family Picture

Family Picture

Magandang Tanghali sa inyong lahat! (Good afternoon everyone)

Happy Father’s Day first of all! Also, tell everyone I say Hello. It has been a great week because I just became a dad for the second time in the mission! My second “anak” is Elder Herbert Clark Bernard.  He’s 25 years old. He was born in Samoa, but has also lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and Washington for most of his life. He has played college football and fished on the Bering Sea. He played noseguard and these are some of the first words he said to me,”Yeah, I love the quarterback.” He speaks Samoan and English fluently but only a little tagalog from the MTC so far. I really love Elder Bernard. He gives all of the male church members great big hugs when he sees them, which makes some of them a little scared I think. I’m really excited to have him as a companion and I know that he’ll be an amazing missionary.

Tuesday we were traveling to Puerto Princessa where Elder Jim flew out Wednesday morning. He transferred to Bonifacio 7th ward. Big change from here in Palawan, but he’ll do great. Tuesday night we worked with the Zone Leaders in Santa Monica and, what do you know, I ended up teaching 2 lessons with Elder Zook! I was really happy and it was just weird at the same time! Deja vu for sure. Elder Zook only has 2 transfers left in his mission so we realized that if I tansfer after 6 months (which is the usual on Palawan), I’ll probably see him right before he goes home! I am really grateful to Elder Zook for everything he taught me and I hope that I can be that great of a trainer to Elder Bernard now.
Wednesday started with some meetings for trainers and leaders on Palawan. After the meetings, I walked out in the hallway and, what do you know (again), I was scheduled to work with Elder Lumanta and Elder Briskin for the day. Deja vu again! We taught 2 lessons together before heading to the Puerto Princessa Airport, which is in their area. That’s when I got to meet my new anak! It was a perfect couple of days. I worked with my tatay (dad), then my first anak (son), and then picked up my second anak at the airport!
The last highlight is my spiritual experience to President Ostler:  I wanted to share about a lesson that we had with our progressing investigators, Rosalie and Eden. We were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation and we had our Elders’ Quorum President with us as our member companion. As we shared about Heavenly Father’s plan for us I could see that President Rabanzo had something to say. I invited him to share his testimony of God’s plan and the blessings that he and his family have received because they know it. His testimony was exactly what that lesson needed and I know that he spoke by the power of the Spirit as he shared it. He said, in effect, that if we know what Heavenly Father has in store for us and we know what we need to do to prepare, we can make it through any trial that comes in life. I know that this is true and I have seen a beautiful example of it from the Rabanzo family. The are not so well off temporally, but I have seen great spiritual strength in their home as they have invited us in. I know that it is because their home is led by a priesthood holder and is centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. What President Rabanzo said about overcoming trials is absolutely true. As we remember the Atonement, we realize that we are never alone no matter what we might be experiencing.
I’m out of time, but I love you all! Have a great week and keep praying for those missionary opportunities!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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