Week 41 – Coming Unto Christ


Elder Jim baptized Brother Penaflor and I got to baptize Sister Penaflor!


 Our zone leader Elder Villoso is in the middle. He is from the same Stake as Elder Mendame in Iloilo.

Magandang tanghali sa inyong lahat!

It has been an especially great week here in Quezon!
Thanks for all of the support and fasting and prayers. Tell Brother Givens thanks for reaching out to me! It’s great to hear from him. I am very grateful to all of the leaders that I had and the effect that they had in my life.
On Tuesday the Zone Leaders came down to Quezon to interview Brother Penaflor. Elder Merrill stayed with me while we had district meeting and Elder Villoso went with Elder Jim to conduct the interview. I got to give him some thanks because not only did he make the 1 hour trip to Quezon early in the morning and the 30 minute trike ride to Tapsan, but he and Elder Jim had to climb up part of a mountain to where Brother Penaflor was working in his field! Brother Penaflor passed and the Zone Leaders made it back to the shuttle in time.
For an update on our progressing investigators: Brother Raffy is still doing well and is just waiting for the papers to come back so that he can be married. He is our goal for the beginning of July. We also had a couple of great referrals last last week who are cousins of a family in the branch. Their names are Rosalie and Eden. Yesterday was Sister Eden’s second time and Sister Rosalie’s first time at church. They really read all of the assignments we leave them and should be able to reach their baptismal date of the 4th of July.
On Saturday Elder Jim and I had a lesson with one of our newer investigators named Sister Rosalyn. When we arrived at Sister Rosalyn’s house she and her daughter were getting ready to leave. We assured her that the lesson would only be 10 minutes and she let us in. After the opening prayer she opened up to us that she was actually going to the doctor after the lesson. She told us that after a recent check-up the doctors told her that she could be at risk for cancer. As she told us this she began to cry and said that she didn’t know what would happen but that the Lord would watch over her. We shared with her Ether 12:27, that if we will come unto Christ we will see how weak we are, but then He will be able to make us strong. Sister Rosalyn has great faith and I know that she felt the Holy Ghost comforting her in that lesson. That lesson also made me realize how blessed we are to have the Gospel in our lives. I realize more fully now how much strength, guidance, comfort, and true happiness come from having enough faith in Jesus Christ to live His Gospel. Because of His Atonement we are never alone in any trial and if we continue to exercise our faith in Him we will make it through whatever comes.
The last highlight is the best one. The baptism of Brother and Sister Penaflor was on Saturday! Brother Penaflor asked Elder Jim to baptize him and I got to baptize Sister Penaflor. The best part of the baptism was that some of the Relief Society sisters sang a special song. The Spirit was so strong and the Penaflors both couldn’t stop smiling. They were confirmed yesterday and it was a great fast and testimony meeting. I know that Elder Jim and I very blessed to be having success in the work at this time. I’m so thankful to Heavenly Father and to the members here for preparing these people to receive the Gospel.
That’s all for this week! Keep on praying for those missionary experiences and be ready when they come.
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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