Week 30 – I am Going to Palawan!

Bro Marome

Brother Marome-One of my favorites. He’s super funny and is always working with us.


Dinner with Brother Laurente and Brother Marome

Fried chicken

Thanks again for the package. We continued to enjoy it in the bahay this week.

We made some little cookie things and also fried chicken!

Sis Menchie

Sister Menchie who is a recent RM and reminds me exactly of Hannah.


Roomies at the Temple with Brother Laurente

Brother Dionel Laurente is an RM from the Legaspi Mission. He is a really great guy and since he is making a transition from his old work to a new one, he was available to work with us for most of this week. He is really funny and really focused on the gospel and blessing the lives of others. He’s a great example to me of what I want to become through my experiences on my mission.

My FIRST Transfer This Week!!!!  It has been a great last week here in Sampaloc!

This week we had a Family Home Evening kind of thing with Bishop Bautista. It was a great night with great food and we got to discuss the Because He Lives initiative. Elder Lumanta and I shared the lesson and Elder Clark explained what we want to do for the initiative to be a big success here. I wrote in my journal afterward about the Spirit that I felt there in Bishop’s house. His family is centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ and I know that that is why you can really feel His love in their home.
Another spiritual experience this week comes from an OYM that Elder Lumanta and I had. Two of our lessons had just fallen through and we started walking back towards the home of another investigator. We were walking down a street with some gated houses and we saw a woman out in front of her gate. We greeted her as we were walking and she smiled and replied so we stopped to speak with her. It turns out that she had attended church a long time ago just to see what it was like, but she has never been taught by missionaries. She knew about the Book of Mormon and actually asked us for one along with the pamphlet that we left with her. We set up a return appointment for the next day and when we came back she had read through the pamphlet and had some good questions for us to answer. I know that we were placed on that street at that time so that we could find Sister Erlinda (another Sister Erlinda). I know that OYMing is not the most effective finding tool, but the Lord has all kinds of ways for us to find the people that he has prepared. This was just another testimony builder to me that if we follow the advice in PMG to “talk with everyone,” we will be able to recognize those whom the Lord has prepared, and they will eventually recognize us as bearers of the truth.
About Sister Erlinda who has been our investigator for a long time. She opened up to us that she has been struggling with smoking again. It was a little saddening to hear but I know that her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel is still very strong. She brought 3 of her relatives to church with her this Sunday. She truly knows that this is the Lord’s Church here on the earth. Elder Lumanta and I bore testimony to her that she will have the Lord’s help as she strives to keep the commandments and she seemed very comforted by that. I’m sad that I won’t be here to see her baptized, but I know that I have done all that I can to invite her to follow Christ through His Gospel and now she only has one more hurdle to jump before she can really follow Christ’s example through being baptized.
I only have a couple of minutes left but this is the big highlight! I just got a text saying that I am heading off to Palawan on Wednesday! It’s the island portion of the mission and I’m so excited! I’ll have to send a picture for my plaque from there.  I know that it will be a challenge but I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be helping and guiding me every step of the way. I definitely have realized that it will be hard to leave Sampaloc on Wednesday but I know that it’s what Heavenly Father wants for me. There are people prepared here for other missionaries and there are those in my next area who I am supposed to meet.  I just want to bear my testimony to you guys of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we show Him our faith through repentance, make and keep covenants, and endure through life’s trials we will be blessed with the companionship of the Holy Ghost. We will have peace in this life and inherit eternal life in the life to come. My favorite line about the gospel from PMG is that as we continue in faith, “it becomes an increasingly rewarding pattern of living.” I know that this is true. I love you guys!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat po kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

One thought on “Week 30 – I am Going to Palawan!

  1. Hi Elder Beagley!
    Thanks for all of the awesome updates! I really enjoy reading them. Thanks for ALL that you are doing.

    Take care,

    Brother Snooks


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