Feeling Heavenly Fathers Blessings

BaptismBaptism of Sister Joy!


Dinner with the Soriano Family

Magandang Tanghali sa inyong lahat!
I am writing a little earlier today because we have a district activity in a couple of hours.
For my weekly highlights I don’t have a ton of time, but I’ll share the big ones.
This week I wanted to share with you about Sister Erlinda. She has been through a lot in regards to preparing for baptism. She has really changed her life in this process. This last week the reason that she was not available to be interviewed was that she had a problem with her eldest son who lives in the province. She received some texts from him that caused her a lot of concern for his well being and she was trying to figure out if she should go to him or send one of her other children to help. She has truly shown great faith through this trial by turning to the scriptures and to our Heavenly Father in prayer. We taught Sister Erlinda with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Lorenzo, on Tuesday. She expressed her concerns about her son and that she didn’t really know what to do. Brother Lorenzo was a great help in that lesson. He encouraged her to fast and that we would join her in that fast the next day. We also encouraged her to share some scriptures out of the Book of Mormon with her son. In our lesson on Saturday with Sister Erlinda she said that she had done what we said. She fasted and shared with her son that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know all of our trials and that they will help us. She said that even though she hasn’t received any news on her son, she felt peaceful and knows that it will be okay. She told us that she feels ready now to be interviewed. I know that through fasting and sincere prayer we can receive answers. We can truly feel the Spirit comforting and guiding us.
On Wednesday, we had another miracle like last week. We went to contact a referral in the northernmost part of our area. After we taught the referral, Sister Josy, she told us that we could look at the apartment building she owns a few streets over and that some of the people who stay there might be interested in listening to us. As we were walking we weren’t sure which apartment building she meant and we ended up going over one road too many. As we walked down the road we heard someone yelling, “Elders!” We stopped and turned around. It turns out that a caretaker at one of the buildings on that street is an inactive member named Sister Marizon. We just happened to walk down the road right when she was in the front room. She said that up until that point she had been too shy to say anything to the missionaries that she saw in the past. I know that Heavenly Father placed us right in that place at that time to meet Sister Marizon.
The funny experience of the week reminded me of Kayla/Hannah. We were teaching Sister Joji with Brother Lorenzo and she was telling him what her job is. She delivers babies for free. A lot of pregnant mothers here have nothing to pay so she helps them. Brother Lorenzo said, “Magaling po kayo.” (You are great.) Sister Joji looks at him and says, “Oo. Astig ako!” (Yeah, I’m awesome.) It made me think of Kayla and Hannah with their, Yeah I’m Awesome kind of attitudes.
The last highlight for this week was Sister Joy’s baptism and Church on Sunday. We had her confirmation in Sacrament meeting and Sister Maribel (the less active member we found last week) was able to be there and even bring her friend who is now one of our investigators!
I know that as we do our part in the Lord’s work, he will absolutely do his part. He is ready and has prepared blessings for us as we humble ourselves and do his will. I love you guys and I hope that you have an amazing week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley


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