Six Months? Already? I Truly Love this Work!!

Happy B-dayHappy Birthday to Us

B-day TieBYU Birthday Tie

Hey guys! Greetings from Sampaloc!

Here are the Weekly Highlights, Ang dami nila! (There are a lot!):

On Tuesday we went to teach some investigators up in the tip of our area. We haven’t had so much success finding up there until last week so we were excited to go back and teach some investigators that we had found. The only problem was that nobody was home at the 3 places that we had planned to go to. At the last house that we went to we were about to just leave and hop on a jeepney to take us back by the church. I had a prompting to stop and talk to some people sitting on a couple of benches in front of a little tindahan (streetside store). It turns out that one of the people we started talking with is an inactive member that moved from the province. Her name is Maribel. We asked if we could share a message with her right then and she happily accepted. We taught her and her friend, now a new investigator. It went great and she even gave us a referral after the lesson. I hope that as we return and teach her we will be able to help strengthen her faith and help her return to being fully active. I am truly grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
On Wednesday I had my first exchanges with Elder Clark. He came to our area and we had a great day. The best part of it was after one of our lessons as we walked back out onto the street. I saw this woman who looked kind of familiar walking up to us. She said her name was Jessica and asked if I remembered her. It clicked just then and I remembered that Elder Lumanta and I had knocked on her door looking for a referral a few weeks ago. She introduced us to her husband and said that we could share a message with them right then if we had time! It turns out that she actually moved just a few streets over to the top floor of a different building. We would never have found the apartment if we hadn’t been right there at that time to see them. I’m grateful for all of these little miracles that Heavenly Father gives us each day.
My Birthday is also one of the highlights even though I haven’t received the package yet. I almost forgot that it was also Nicole’s birthday. Tell her maligayang bati for me (it’s what you sing instead of “happy birthday to you”).   It was a very busy and successful day of work with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Lorenzo (aka Coco Martin, apparently he’s a celebrity here in the Philippines.) He really gave us some great advice about the work and was able to testify to what we were teaching in the lessons which just makes it that much more powerful.
On Friday we taught Sister Erlinda and went over the interview questions with her. When we talked about the last question with her she said that she really does feel ready and she bore her testimony to us about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith being a prophet. It was so powerful I almost cried. She has now been 3 weeks with no cigarettes. She will soon be able to be baptized!
On Saturday Sister Joy passed her baptismal interview. She will be baptized this Saturday! We also had an amazing lesson with an investigator named Kelly. As the lesson was starting, Elder Lumanta and I knew that we needed to address Sister Kelly’s concern about feeling an answer about the Book of Mormon, but we didn’t really know what exactly we would share. Sister Kelly’s boyfriend and some of her other friends are members so they were in the lesson too. After she told Elder Lumanta and I that she had not really felt anything after praying, I felt like I needed to ask Sister Ica (Sister Kelly’s friend) what the importance of the Book of Mormon was in her life and in her conversion process. Sister Ica gave an amazing testimony and it really set the tone for the lesson. I also felt prompted to share D+C 8:2 with Sister Kelly in the lesson. After the scripture I told sister Kelly the story of how I received a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon “in my mind” as well as “in my heart” and I felt my testimony increasing as I shared it. We explained that the answer comes differently for each person but we can be sure that if we read, ponder, and pray with real intent, the answer will come. It turned out to be an amazing lesson full of the Spirit.
Yesterday was my 6 month mark in the mission. I can’t believe how fast it is already going! I truly love being a part of this work. There was a quote from Elder Lynn G. Robbins at our special meeting a while ago that I feel like I should share with you. He said that the Lord works in small ways so that we usually can’t even see what he has done, except in missionary work. If we participate as full-time and member missionaries we will truly see the Lord’s hand in His work here on the earth. It is so evident to me each day and I feel my faith being strengthened through all of these experiences here in the Lord’s work. My challenge to all of you is to take a more active role in this work. We have a knowledge and have received a witness that The of the Fullness of the Gospel is here on the earth today. We have a responsibility to share that knowledge and our testimonies of the truth. I know that if we all do our part, the Lord will do his. We will see miracles. Also, It’s really true that if we pray for some of Heavenly Father’s love, he can give us the charity that we need. It’s what has really made the difference for me here. The most powerful motivation to do this work or any work is love. Especially the pure love of Christ.
I’m out of time, but I want you all to know that I love you so much!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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