A Baptism, 2 Birthdays and “grey ham” Crackers…

Bro Cruz

Brother Cruz is on the left and Brother Reyes a former bishop is on the right

Bro Lorenzo

Brother Lorenzo our ward mission leader

Magandang Hapon sa inyong lahat!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  I can’t believe six months has gone by already!!! It’s gone so fast!

Here are some of this weeks Highlights:
On monday the baptism went great! Sister Arjeree, the one who referred Brother Cruz to the missionaries was able to witness it and the spirit was very strong there. Brother Cruz gave his testimony and I know that he will be a great faithful member of the church. His confirmation was done yesterday by President Andrada (our former stake president who will soon become the mission president in Laoag.) After he was confirmed a member he had no more apprehension about taking the sacrament. It was a great spiritual sacrament meeting with Elder Lumanta as one of the speakers.
We had 3 lessons this week with Sister Erlinda. She has now abstained from smoking for 2 weeks! 2 Weeks more and she can be baptized! She brought a different friend to meet with us in each of the lessons. She is really a great example of receiving and wanting to share the gospel. I know that what is happening to her is only natural. As we accept the gospel into our lives and genuinely strive to live it, we will want others to experience the joy and peace that it brings into our lives. One of my spiritual experiences for this week comes from the temple trip that we were able to have with Sister Erlinda.       It was amazing to feel the spirit there and also to have Sister Erlinda be able to feel the same thing. We taught her that through the ordinances of the temple her family could be sealed for time and all eternity. She offered the closing prayer in our lesson and began to cry as she told our Heavenly Father that she knows this is the right path in her life. After our lesson we ran into the Zone Leaders there with some investigators of their own. In our previous trips to the temple we had just taken a taxi home so I thought I would ask the Zone Leaders how to get to the train station. That way we could save some money. As Elder Lumanta was writing down instructions on which train we would take and which station to get off at, I had a thought enter my mind saying, “don’t worry, someone will take you home.” Later on when we got on the Temple Shuttle to go to the train station, there was a man sitting next to me. Elder Lumanta started a conversation with him and it turns out that he was the 1st counselor in the Temple Presidency up until 6 years ago. He actually lives about 5 minutes from our apartment just out of our ward boundaries. He was able lead us to the right bus route which took us one jeepney ride from the apartment. I know that it was the Holy Ghost whispering to me and comforting me.
Sister Joy is also doing really well! Yesterday was her 4th Sunday at church and her baptismal interview will be this saturday! I know that the reason she is progressing so quickly is her testimony of the Book of Mormon. It really is the Lord’s tool for missionary work. Once an investigator gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon, they will come to accept the truth of the Restoration and seek for and live the Gospel. I know that the first step is always faith. We need faith to believe that Heavenly Father will keep his promises to us. We need faith to receive a witness (Ether 12:6). If we exercise our faith, we WILL receive that witness and our faith will then be strengthened.
For Elder Lumanta’s Birthday (and kinda for mine too) I bought him the things that he needed to make “mango floats.” They were sooo delicious!  The funniest part of the whole experience was looking for the “grey ham” crackers in the grocery store. I had no idea what Elder Lumanta was talking about… until we found the “graham” crackers on the shelf and I just busted up laughing! Elder Lumanta is teaching me how to make some delicious desserts. He really is a blessing to have as a companion and not just as far as food goes. He is really picking up all of these “missionary skills” so quickly and is an inspiration to me even though I’m supposed to be the trainer. I know that the Lord has placed us together for a reason and I learn more and more from him each day.
I only have a couple of minutes left but I just want to bear my testimony of the Holy Ghost. It really is the single most important part of this work. If the spirit is present in our lessons it can “carry [the message] unto the hearts of the children of men.” (2nd Nephi 33:1) If we make ourselves worthy for the guidance of the Holy Ghost it will tell us what we should say and will guide us throughout our lives.
I love you guys all so much and I hope that you have an amazing week!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat kayo palagi!
-Elder Beagley

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