While you were sleeping… a baptism!

Boiled Egg Stuff

Elder Lumanta made hard boiled eggs and I don’t know how this happened…?

Elder Taylor

Last Picture with Elder Taylor

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat!

It has been another amazing week! Here are the highlights:
On Tuesday we had another great Zone Meeting. Elder Smith who is from Elder Taylor’s batch gave a great talk on time management. I wrote down a quote that he shared but I didn’t get where it was from. It goes, ” As we follow the commandment to ‘cease to be idle’ we must be sure that being busy equates to being productive.” I can testify to how important time management is. If there was nothing else that I took from my mission except for how to manage time, it would still have a huge impact on my life. Time is a precious gift that our Heavenly Father has given us here on earth. I know that as we use our time more wisely we will be more blessed ourselves and will have more opportunities to bless the lives of others.
Wednesday was transfer day . We lost Elder Taylor from the bahay (house) but we got Elder Clark (aka. Superman. that’s what all of the members call him.) Our day was actually pretty crazy because we had 2 trips to Buendia. At first the news that we got was that we would become a threesome of Elders for a few days because Elder Clark wouldn’t get to the mainland for 3 more days. We took Elder Taylor and Briskin to Buendia and brought Elder Briskin back on the PNR. Just as we got to our station we got a call saying that 2 Elders had been able to get on an earlier flight and that Elder Clark was on his way to the mission office. We walked to the other side of the station and got back on the train! I was kind of thinking, oh man this is taking a lot of time out of our day. But I stopped thinking that right when we got to the mission office. As we were walking up to the gate we saw some Elders getting out of a taxi on the other side of the road. It was Elder Clark and also Elder Hu’ihahau from my batch! When they saw us I heard Elder Hu’ihahau say to Elder Clark, “Man, that’s Elder Beagley!” I hadn’t seen him in months because he’s been on Palawan. It was way awesome to get to talk with him in tagalog because we haven’t seen each other since the MTC. It made my day!
Later on that day, Elder Lumanta and I taught Sister Joy again. She is really progressing! She has been reading in the Book of Mormon and has been living the Word of Wisdom by not drinking coffee. She has great faith and is gaining a testimony for herself that the Book of Mormon is true. Later on that night we taught a lesson to Sister Rosenda (daughter of sister Erlinda). When we went to teach Sister Erlinda she wasn’t home but we asked if we could share a message with her daughter that was there and she said yes. When we started the lesson I felt like I should ask Sister Rosenda what her feelings were about her mother’s decision to quit smoking (she has been a week straight now). She got a big smile on her face and said that she is really happy for her mom. It made me realize just how much this gospel can really bless families. Even though Sister Rosenda has been shy in the past in letting us teach her, she is now seeing how her mother accepting the gospel is such a great blessing to them. I know that repentance is so important in our lives. Not only does it bring us joy to be forgiven of our own sins, but it also brings us great joy to see others repent and accept the truth into their lives. I see this every day as people stop making decisions that have held them back and start making decisions to follow their Savior. I know that Sister Rosenda’s heart has been softened by her mother’s example and I hope that it will lead to her accepting the gospel as well!
On Thursday we had a lesson with Sister Ging. We watched the Restoration DVD and our member companion who is also our ward mission leader pointed out a great point from the film. One of the preachers in the video says, “Hanapin ninyo ang secta na pinakamalapit sa katotohanan at iyon ang simbahan na kailangan ninyong sapihan.” (Find the sect that is the closest to the truth and that is the church with which you must join.” I am so grateful to live in a time when the truth is here on the earth. Back in that time even those who preached knew that the Church of Jesus Christ had been lost and that without his power it could only be “reformed.” I know with all of my heart that Christ’s church is here on the earth today. It has been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Any who will truly seek to know this truth will be able to find it. The Book of Mormon is the evidence. If we read, ponder, and pray we will know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god and that Joseph Smith restored Christ’s church to the earth.
Saturday is my last highlight for the week. Brother Cruz came back into town and he passed his baptismal interview! The friend that referred him to the missionaries is also here visiting from Tennessee. She leaves on Wednesday so we got special permission to have Brother Cruz’s baptism today! It’s actually in 2 hours! I’m so happy for him that he has finally overcome his bad habit of smoking and is now ready to accept the gospel fully!
Mahal ko kayong lahat!
Ingat po kayo!   (I Love you all!  Be safe)
-Elder Beagley

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