Cold bucket showers!

DSCN0375[1]Next to the Sampaloc District board.

DSCN0361[1]District map. Our area is on the left of the colored one.

Magandang tanghali sa inyong lahat!

Good Afternoon to you all!
Here are the answers to some of your questions…..
Q  Elder Zook mentioned that in his new area he has a heated shower, so we are wondering what your shower-tap water is like?
A. The reason that Elder Zook is loving the heated shower is because of the one here. It’s not heated at all and just comes from the normal water from the apartment building. So it’s freezing. Normally Elder Zook would take a bucket shower with some heated water from the stove so that he didn’t have to endure the cold haha! It’s funny that you ask now about the shower because it has actually been broken this week. The handle had some problem and the water just kept coming no matter what we did. It took the apartment staff a few days to fix it so we’re all taking bucket showers this week.
Q.   Have you purchased new pants or shoes?
A. I have not purchased new pants or shoes because of how busy we have been each P-day. That might happen today though. My shoes are still doing alright but I might be needing some in the near future. I will probably withdraw the money for pants today so that I can just use it next week without having to go to the ATM.
Q.  Have you heard of or met a Sister Ward, she is a friend of Chelbie Beagley and is in the Manila mission
A. I have not met a Sister Ward here yet. Ask Chelbie when Sister Ward got into the mission for me.
Q.  What are some of the cultural things you have learned from Elder Lumanta?
A. Some of the cultural things that i have learned from Elder Lumanta include things with the language, food, and just building relationships with people. Since he doesn’t really have a language barrier or anything like that, I have been able to see how to kind of joke around with people in order to come off more friendly as we’re street contacting or beginning to teach. I have also been doing a little bit of helping him cook so hopefully I’ll get better at it in the future.
Q. Have you gone on any exciting Jeepney rides?
A. As far as Jeepney rides go almost every one is exciting! If I had to pick one it would be one that we had on a Sunday. There really is not a lot of traffic on Sundays and so normally it’s about a 10 minute ride from our area to the apartment instead of 15 or 20 when the traffic is really bad. So that’s normally nice, except for one time when the driver really took advantage of the lack of traffic. It was the fastest that we have ever gotten home! It was really fast and it doesn’t help that the stick shift in the Jeepneys is so jerky! We were just holding on inside there!
Q. When is Elder Lumanta’s Birthday?
A. Elder Lumanta’s birthday is February 20th so we’re pretty excited to be in the same month as companions!
I’ll share with you guys a few highlights from the week:
We are continuing to teach Sister Joy and she is really progressing! She reads all of her assignments and has come to church twice now. This week she has her pre-board but next week we are going to teach her again. Her baptism could be by the end of the month!
We also worked with a member named Brother Causo. We taught sister Erlinda and it was a great blessing to have brother Causo there. He shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon and also shared about his conversion. Sister Erlinda’s concern has been that she wants to “know everything” before she’s baptized. We were able to explain that all she needs is a testimony of the truth. It was a really great lesson and Sister Erlinda said that she will work towards February 21st as her baptismal date!
On Saturday we had an activity to try and get some investigators out to the church. We watched 3 videos. One about Wilford Woodruff during the great Apostasy, one about the Plan of Salvation, and Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. It was a great activity and Sister Erlinda, Sister Kelly, and some of the Urbano family were able to attend. Some members shared their testimonies at the end and I could really feel the spirit testifying of the truth. I know that our guests felt it as well.
I haven’t written about Brother Cruz in a little while because he has been on vacation for about 2 weeks. We got a text from him this week saying that he has been going to church in Baguio! It was great to hear that and hopefully with the Zone Leaders permission he will be able to be interviewed for baptism this next week!
To close this email I just wanted to write to you guys about Charity. Just before we went out to work yesterday I had a prompting to read about it in Preach My Gospel. I read one of the related scriptures in Moroni 7:48 and when I prayed I really asked as it says in that verse to be filled with the pure love of Christ for the people. I know that this was a prompting because later on we taught Brother Renzo. He told us that he has been having family problems because he is the only member. We were able to be bold and loving in committing him to keep reading and attending church. I felt such great love for him and I know that it is a part of what Christ feels for all of us. I know that this work is true!
That’s all of the time I have.
Love you guys!
Ingat kayo!
-Elder Beagley

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