Idaho Ties…

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DSCN0353[1] (2) Elder Taylor & Taylor

Hey guys! Hello again from Sampaloc!
On Tuesday we had personal interviews with President Ostler again. I can’t believe that it has been 2 transfers since the last time! I had a great time talking with President Ostler and he gave me some great advice on how to become closer with Elder Lumanta, because even though we are already getting along great there is obviously a culture barrier. We also got to see and talk with Elder Jones from my MTC batch and his trainee, Elder Dela Cruz from Elder Lumanta’s batch, so that was great!
On Wednesday we had Zone Meeting. The morning before we actually rearranged our studies so that we could teach Sister Joy. It was a great lesson full of the Spirit and she accepted a baptismal date! I’ll keep you updated on how things go with her! At the Zone Meeting we talked a ton about OYMing and about how we need to make it a higher priority. President Ostler feels that it is very important for us to increase the number of people that we are contacting every day, so that is what we are doing. I felt it again this time in my interview with him that he really is called of God to be our leader here in this area and if it’s coming from him, it’s what the Lord wants for His work here. We all committed to the Zone Leaders that we would reach our goal of 70 for this week and last night Elder Lumanta and I reached it! We will be going back to a lot of the people that we talked to and I know that some of them have been prepared by the Lord for us to teach.
On Friday we taught a man by the name of Orlando. He was a referral from a long time ago that we had tried 3 different times to contact but had not been able to reach. I felt like we should try one more time, even though it was quite a walk from where we were proselyting at the time. This time he was home! He came out to the table in front of his house and said that we could share with him. As Elder Lumanta and I began to use some of the How to Begin Teaching from Preach My Gospel, I felt like I should share with Brother Orlando about our purpose as missionaries. I told him that we were there to help him come closer to his Savior Jesus Christ. He started to cry and the Spirit was very strong. I asked him what he was feeling and he replied that he felt “malayo kay Cristo” “far away from Christ” in his life and was happy that we were there. It was great to see someone like Brother Orlando who has a desire to come unto Christ. I know that in some way, his experiences have prepared him to receive us.
This weekend was stake conference and it was a great one. On Saturday night we got a text saying that we should attend and so we did. It turns out that President and Sister Ostler were speaking. I’ll just share some of the notes that I wrote. 
“Whenever we want to do something really important, we have to remember that there is a price, and that price is action.” -President Ostler
Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk (of the Seventy) also spoke. He talked about the Whitmer brothers wanting Joseph Smith to ask God what the “thing of most worth to them” was. D+C 14 and 15 are their responses and they are both the same. To bring souls unto Christ would be the “thing of most worth.” Elder Echo Hawk posed the question, “Do you think that The Lord’s answer to us would be any different? No, it wouldn’t.” I actually got to meet Elder Echo Hawk while waiting by the bathroom after the meeting on Sunday and it turns out that he was the Attorney General in Idaho for a number of years. I know that what he said is true. This work is the thing of most worth to me right now and I love being a part of it!
I’m out of time, but I love you guys so much!
Mahal namahal ko kayong lahat!
-Elder Beagley

One thought on “Idaho Ties…

  1. Hi Elder Beagley! It is so great to see you – I just want to thank you for your service – It is so beautiful to see how you are putting the Beagley’s name high up there as well as representing the Lord and his Church so wonderfully – We love you! Brother Felipe Ulloa.


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