A Baptism and a Typhoon!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES                                                                 Renzo’s Baptism!

Our Gift to Renzo

Our Gift to Renzo

It turns out that the storm slowed down and won’t be hitting us until later this afternoon/evening so we get to email!

My week has been a pretty crazy one. We have been putting together 72 hour kits, getting updates all the time about this storm, and we had a baptism!  Mainly what I want to tell you guys is about all of the events that led up to the baptism. So first, Brother Renzo’s twin (Rigo) got sent away to Navotas (about an hour and a half ride) as their mother sent him to live with their Lola (grandma). These twins have had so many obstacles and this is just one more of them. We had been texting the Grandmother because we actually taught her a couple of times before she moved away and she is really accepting and a really sweet woman. She was going to bring Rigo to Renzo’s baptism on Saturday but he ended up staying in Navotas because he thought his parents would be angry if he came back. Renzo was kind of sad that his twin couldn’t be there but he was still so happy to see his grandmother again.  The baptism was the most amazing experience I have had so far, probably in my whole life. I got to baptize brother Renzo and he had the biggest smile coming up out of the water! After we went back into the chapel, brother Renzo bore his testimony. The spirit was so strong as he said that he know’s Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. He said that he has had many problems and challenges in getting to where he is now, but he knows that this was God’s plan for him. It was the first time I have ever seen him cry as he said that he hopes his family can accept this gospel into their lives in the future. He also said that he wants to become a missionary and teach others the gospel. It was the happiest moment of my life seeing him up there speaking. After he finished, his grandmother walked up and gave him a great big hug! People don’t even hug in the Philippines! It was amazing and I know that she felt the Spirit and truth of his testimony. She was crying and hugging him so tight and I know that she was feeling the spirit. After that she passed out! Brother Renzo caught her and sat her down on the bench. She was fine after she got some water. All in all the most emotional and spiritual experience I have ever had!
I just want to tell you guys that I really do know that this is the Lord’s work here on the Earth today. This is his gospel and I know that if we will not only live it, but share it, our lives will be blessed more than we can imagine! It is amazing to see the changes that come into people’s lives as they come unto Christ. The best way to really strengthen our testimonies is to share them! I hope that this Christmas season you will all find a way to bring at least one friend to the Church, even if it’s just an activity and not sacrament meeting. We as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have a responsibility to represent him in what we do and say. I know that as we do this, and especially as you do this, others will notice and want to know what it is that we have in our lives.
I love you guys so much and I hope that you have an amazing week!
Mahal namahal ko kayo! Ingat!
-Elder Beagley

One thought on “A Baptism and a Typhoon!

  1. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing with us – we will make sure to pray for you, the other missionaries and the people in the Philippines. Hopefully the typhoon passes smoothly.

    We love you- Fawn


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