Thankful in The Philippines

Sampaloc District & the twins  Sampaloc District with the twins

Thanksgiving DinnerThanksgiving Dinner – We even had some delicious maple bacon

4 Americanos sa bahay   –   Crazy that we’re all American in our place in The Philippines


At the temple with the twins


I am doing great! Thanksgiving dinner was awesome! Thank you so much for that and I’ll send a picture of all of the stuff we were able to get with $40! Oh man, I wanted some yams pero walang ganiyan dito sa Pilipinas (nothing like that here in the Philippines.) That might just be the first thing I want to eat when I get home is a big plate of yams!
So my week was not what I expected. We ended up not having a baptism because sister Joji got really sick and had to go to the hospital. Pero… May kaligayahan pa! (There is still happiness!) Brother Renzo (The twin with the black hair) passed his baptismal interview and he is getting baptized this Saturday! Hopefully, sister Joji will be back to normal by Saturday and we’ll have a double baptism. We will continue to pray for her and I would ask for your prayers also! Brother Ringo, the other twin, has his interview this Saturday and should have his baptism next week! It’s so incredible to see how far they have come! I know that this gospel is true and it really is the way to receive happiness in this life and come closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Elder Zook let the twins borrow two of his shirts and it was amazing to see them dressed up like missionaries! They have already told us that they want to serve missions after they are members for a year! I know that they are part of the reason that I was sent to this mission and this area. This gospel has changed their lives and seeing that process has changed mine!!!
Another highlight from this week happened just today! We got a message on Sunday night that our p day would be moved to today so that we could go to the temple! It was a late P-Day but definitely worth it! Just going to the temple would be great, but we were also able to go into the MTC and see some of the teachers and Senior Couples there! Elder Zook and I spoke to Brother Comenta who just so happens to be the missionary that gave Sister Joji her first Book of Mormon back in 2011! We showed him a picture and he remembered her right away! He was happy to see that she was prepared to be taught through that experience. After we walked out of the door of the MTC we ran into Elder Moffat (McKay Moffat!!), from Eagle, who is going into the field in Cebu on Wednesday! That was the craziest thing ever to see him just randomly in the Philippines! After that we were just about to leave and Brother Alcibor (my MTC teacher) walks in the gate! I got to speak with him and this time I could actually understand what he was saying! I feel extremely blessed to be in this mission and to have met all of these amazing people! Just like mom said, I know that this is exactly where the Lord wants me at this time and I am so thankful for all of the experiences I am having, even the not so great ones.
There is one more highlight for this week! We had our first district meeting with Elder Zook as district leader. He is really great and I am blessed to have him as my companion. He shared promises that the lord has made us in missionary work and he had assigned me to share a christlike attribute for the District. I didn’t know what he was going to share and he didn’t know what I was going to share, but they ended up working perfectly together and it was a very spiritual meeting! I have a scripture for you guys. It’s in D+C 59:23. It says that if we are diligent we will get our reward. It doesn’t say that we will have great success or that everything will always go our way, but it says that we can have peace. It’s really so true and I have already seen it a lot on my mission. If you do everything that you can, you can find peace in knowing that you did your part. Even if Elder Zook and I get rejected by every person we talk to, we can find peace in knowing that we did our part to share the gospel with them. That’s what makes this work so amazing is that the great parts are so happy and the bad parts don’t matter! I know that this chruch and this gospel are true!
Ingat!  I am out of time but I love you guys so much and I hope that you have an amazing week!
Mahal ko lahat kayo! Ingat po!
-Elder Beagley

One thought on “Thankful in The Philippines

  1. Thank you Elder Beagley. I look forward to your messages and letters each week. It’s a peaceful feeling to be where the Lord wants us to be…something you’ll be able to experience at different times in life and know He is aware of us and where we are down here on earth. Thank you for spreading the gospel and sharing your messages with us. We love you! – Love- Fawn


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