This is The Lord’s Work!


This is where it all begins…

Magandang Umaga lahat kayo!

I’m excited to tell you about some crazy stuff that happened this week too! Unfortunately, there’s no snow in the Philippines but there have been some miracles!
Sigi na I’ll tell you about my week, but first the not so fun experience that I just had yesterday. I’m cooking an egg and I put a little too much oil in the pan but I thought it would all be good. Then when I flipped the egg, a big drop of oil lands right on my foot! Masakit (It hurt!). Later on, I took off my sock and there was a blister right there where the oil burned me! It didn’t even hurt anymore.
The main thing that I want to tell you guys about this week is that this work is truly full of miracles. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, This is the Lord’s work! As missionaries we are really just tools in bringing people unto Christ. This was so evident in what happened on Tuesday. We had a district meeting and it was said there that our finding has been a little low. So we set a goal to find 10 new investigators this week. After that, Elder Zook and I went out proselyting. We had an appointment with a woman named sister Nobles. She had somewhere to go but she walked us over to her neighbors house and said, “They want to listen to you.” So we ended up teaching a lesson to her neighbors and got two new investigators there. We have a return appointment for this wednesday. Later in the day we went to a referral from another non member who we had just talked to randomly. Turns out that we taught a family of 8 and they are super open and interested. We met our goal in the same day that we set it! I know that we are so blessed to have found these people! We went back to that Urbano family just on Saturday and the lesson was so great the spirit was so strong and they said that they would pray to know if our message is true. They said if they get their answer that they will be baptized on December 27th! I’m really excited to see them progress and come closer to their Savior.
We also had one more miracle this week. I truly know from this experience that no effort is wasted in missionary work! We had a lady approach us as we were talking to some people on the street. She told us her name was Erlinda and that we could come and teach her if we wanted to! Great start right? Well when we tried to find her house we couldn’t. We searched for almost an hour when Elder Zook told me to ask some ladies sitting in front of their little store (tindahan.) One lady knew sister Erlinda and was able to lead us to her house down this tiny little allyway. When we got there, Sister Erlinda had a picture of Jesus from one of our pamphlets taped to her mirror and a Book of Mormon on the shelf. She had been taught by missionaries in 2010! This is the second time that this has happened and it gives me hope for people who don’t accept us right now. I know that we are planting seeds for the future and I’m excited to see who else we will find in amazing ways like this.
 For Thanksgiving we are gonna be doing missionary work haha. Elder Zook said that some celebrate thanksgiving here but the main thing is really Christmas. There is already Christmas music in the store where we do our shopping. We aren’t even allowed to go out on New Years day.
Another crazy thing here is that people break all the traffic laws and I still haven’t seen an accident. It’s like they just expect people to run red lights and stuff so nobody is really surprised haha.
Hannah: I’m glad you had an awesome Snow Day! Suwerte Ka! (You’re Lucky!) That’s great that school is going so well!
I’m out of time but I love you all so much and I pray things are going well in snowy Idaho!
Mahal namahal ko kayo!
-Elder Beagley

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