— Baptismal Date Set!!!

Okay, so about my week, I’ll give you the highlights:
Tuesday was a birthday party that we set up for a recent convert named Michael. We bought a cake and we had an awesome time! Elder Zook and I shared about eternal families and it was really great because Rigo and Renzo (the twins) were there too. The spirit was strong and I know that they really want their family to follow their example in the gospel.
On Tuesday we had my first Zone Meeting in the field. The emphasis was on OYM-ing (Open Your Mouth). We have a new goal to street contact 10 people each day per missionary. It’s like a competition kind of because whoever talks to them first gets the tally. It is really going to accelerate the work. We have already seen how much the Lord guides us in his work. As we show him our willingness to “talk with everyone” He places people in our path who will receive the gospel. We have a couple return appointments today from just random people we started conversations with!! Sometimes matigas ang mga ulo nila (they are hard headed) and they don’t want to listen. But every person who does listen makes it all worth it!
This week we did some service for a woman named Joji. She is now one of our progressing investigators! We cleaned out her second floor and let me tell you, no matter how dirty our house gets, it’s nothing compared to this! There was so much stuff piled up, that we found a Book of Mormon from 2011! She said that the missionaries had talked to her before and they left her the book with their names and the date in it! We also taught sister Joji about how the atonement can help her through trials, she prayed so sincerely and the spirit was so strong that she started crying at the end of her prayer. I know that it really is a miracle that we found sister Joji again after 3 years and that she is now ready to receive the gospel in her life. Her baptismal date is the 22nd!!!!
The twins are really progressing! Elder Zook and I taught them again. They really understand the gospel and they are really working hard and changing their lives. I pray that their family will follow in their footsteps!
The last highlight this week is another lesson with Sister Joji. Our member present was Brother Dionel and at the beginning of the lesson he asked, “Naniniwala po ba kayo na totoo Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw?” (Do you believe that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true?” Usually sister Joji jokes around or tells stories that aren’t really related, but this time she was completely serious. She looked brother Dionel right in the eyes and just said, “Opo.” (Yes.) The spirit was so strong after that as Elder Zook, Brother Dionel, and I taught her the Gospel of Christ. I know that this church is true. I know that this gospel brings us so many blessings and that if we live it and endure to the end, we will live with our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ again as a family.
Mahal namahal ko kayo!
-Elder Beagley

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