Answered Prayers!

Elder zook and I
 Second Prep Day in the field already!  It really seems like 2 days since I emailed you guys last time!
This past week has really been amazing! Elder Zook and I told each other in our weekly planning that we would really focus more on finding new families to teach. Our prayers really have been answered! It’s like the Lord is just leading us right to the people that will listen to us and accept what we have to say.  We saw this little alley next to a basketball court and decided to see what was at the end. We walked down it and asked an old guy what the building at the end was. He said, “apartment, pasok” (like “go inside”) so we did. The first people we see are this woman and her husband with their two little kids. They asked us, “Saan galing kayo?” (where did you come from?) Elder Zook said “sa labas” (from outside) They laughed and then we got talking. The wife had been taught a little  about the Book of Mormon by a friend in the province before. We answered her questions about Joseph Smith and scheduled a return appointment. The second meeting with them went great and when we asked if they would pray about what we taught, they said, “Syempre, kase gusto ko na malaman ang katotohanan” (Of course! because we want to know the truth!) I was so happy!
The language is coming along. Elder Zook, from St. George, Utah, is an awesome trainer and says that he’s not so great with the language but he really is. I am learning tons from him. He says I’m sounding better each day so that’s great!
Our apartment is pretty nice actually other than the fact that we live out of our proselyting area. We just catch a jeepney each morning to get to Sampaloc where the church is. Elder Zook and I have two kabahays (roommates): Elder Gallarde and Elder Taylor (funny right?).  There are two levels in our apartment and we study and sleep upstairs.
Our ward is the Sampaloc ward. It’s pretty small, but there are currently 6 missionaries assigned to it so there is a lot of room for growth. Sister Veras from the MTC is actually assigned to the same ward! We both gave our testimonies in Tagalog yesterday in sacrament meeting and a lot of members told me that my Tagalog is good for this being my first area!
The weather is really unpredictable, well I guess not really, it’s always hot and it just rains really hard at random times! I sweat all of the time. Literally 24/7. I had to buy a better umbrella because the little one that I brought does not really provide cover for a person of my size – haha.
President and Sister Ostler are super awesome! I had an interview with Pres. Ostler my first day in the field and he told me about this family that he had visited with a missionary. He had just got word that they were baptized and the spirit was really strong there in our interview! I know that they were really called of God to be over this mission just as the missionaries here were called to serve.
Love You All!

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