Goodbye MTC …

Featured imageHey Guys! Craziest week of my life, but also one of the best!  Our last day in the MTC was just all workshops about our purpose. We had a little time with our district and I started to get really sad that I wouldn’t see some of them for a long time, but I know that this work that we are doing is the most important of our lives! It cheered me up a lot to think that I have such great friends going out into the field to Preach His Gospel!

The next day was Wednesday and we got up really early to see our batchmates off because some of them left at around 5:15. Then all of us going to Manila loaded up in vans and went to the mission home. While we were there we had an awesome breakfast, met with Sister and President Ostler and got to visit the American Manila Military Cemetery. It was Awesome! Then each of us had an interview with president Ostler and he took some time to pray about our assignments while the AP’s talked to us. I also met Elder Thurber who’s blog I was reading before the mission! Loco Loco diba? It was pretty cool to see him. Anyway I was paired up with Elder Zook and we went straight to our area. It turns out that Sister Veras from the MTC is in our very same district and Elders Jones and Boshard are in the same zone. I’m glad I’ll get to see some of my batchmates here.
We are in the Sampaloc district of the Manila West zone.
Since I have been here we have done a ton! We have two recent convert families who we are teaching, the Velascos and Nora, Michael and Miles (I don’t remember their last name). We have taught them a few lessons and the kids call me Elder “Bigley” because I’m huge here talaga. We also taught one lesson to the Huligangas (Ringo, Renzo, and their grandmother Mirna). I really felt the spirit in that lesson and I got to recite the First Vision in tagalog to them as well! We have an investigator with a baptismal date on the 25th. His name is brother Cliff. So far Elder Zook and I have taught him twice. He told us last night that he knows what we teach him is true because he prayed about it! Sobrang Masaya ako! (I’m So Happy!)
Anyway, I got to watch conference yesterday and saturday! It was so awesome and I understand why people say that it’s so great in the mission field. Every talk went right along with our purpose as missionaries and disciples of Christ. I know that this church really is led by Christ! My favorite talks were also by Jorg Klebingat and Pres. Monson, Elder Holland, and Elder Bednar.

That’s all for this week! I love all of you guys and I’m glad to hear that you’re doing great!
Ingat po kayo!


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